School Notifies Parents of Outbreak

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AVON, Ohio — Officials with Avon Local Schools are urging parents to watch their children for symptoms of the common cold that could turn out to be something worse.

The Lorain County General Health District put out an alert that two Avon Local Schools students have pertussis, also known as whooping cough.

Pertussis can be transmitted when a person coughs, sneezes or talks.

The symptoms may seem like those of a common cold but the coughing becomes more severe and more frequent at night.

The incubation period can be up to three weeks.

Children are vaccinated for pertussis by kindergarten and a booster dose is given when they reach 7th grade.

The people who are at greatest risk of complications of pertussis are infants, pregnant women and people with chronic health problems.

If symptoms occur, seek medical attention and let your doctor know about the outbreak.

Click here for more on pertussis.

Click here for Avon Local Schools’ letter to parents.


    • veggiejordan

      We are not talking about the small minority of children who can’t be vaccinated due to underlying medical conditions. We are talking about the wackadoos who like to preach that every ailment on earth stems from the evil vaccinations that have kept millions of children safe. Their single mindedness have put all of our children at risk. They think that it is their choice not to vaccinate their children, but this is the result of that choice. It’s not just your child that is affected.

  • pharmdwhoknows

    It’s been proven that the vaccinated recipients carry the pertussis bacteria and spread it to others. This has nothing to do with unvaccinated people. Plus, I would bet most of the kids who will get whooping cough will be vaccinated. The vaccine doesn’t work, the CDC even admits to that.

  • Michelle

    My son got the vaccine and still got the whooping cough last year, and let me say, it took several months to get rid of it. And he had to stay away from everyone for awhile. There has been many outbreaks that are not reported.

  • g

    Rofl pharmdwhoknows is an idiot… wake up dumbass vaccines have been around for a long time and have been proven to work , ie.. polio

  • g

    Im sure most of the people who think vaccines are bad or have no benefit have legitimately proven this. Alex jones is probably on your radio right now too, preaching to you valid information ! Laugh

    • M

      I am so sorry to hear that and glad she is (apparently) okay. The same cannot be said of those who died from the vaccine. Things are frequently not black and white; vaccines do not prevent anyone from spreading pertussis.

  • Rick

    And new vaccines have been known to do damage also so vaccines are not the ask in ask…government controlled initiation is all

  • Christi

    Organic apple cider vinegar will do the trick.. My son had a bad cough and cough medacine wasn’t working and the doctor wouldn’t give me a antibiotic because he tested negative for streptococcus. He was up coughing all night and I gave him some blueberry green tea with honey in it and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and the next day his cough was gone!!!!

  • Linda. Puma

    The wackadoos or I should say more politely, the ill informed are the ones who believe everything the FDA says. is a great site for information.

  • Nell Carol Williams Kozub

    All the vaccines that the “informed” parents of today refuse is now causing new outbreaks of old diseases. I guess we should thank them for putting society back into the early 1900’s. Eradicating things like whooping cough and mumps and polio doesn’t mean anything to them as they did not have to live in a time when they were threats. Welcome to the new world. Can iron lungs be far behind??!!

  • Health teacher

    Wow, maybe people should do some research before they comment on things they have no proof of. I agree Vaccines have done more good for society as a whole. Proof here just like above, Polio, measles, mumps, all handled fairly well by getting the vaccine when possible. Such a shame when those who really need to be informed try to have such strong opinions about stuff they just so happen to be wrong about.

  • Dana

    Kids who do not get vaccines are not suppose to be allowed in the public schools!!!! My children had to be up to date on their shots or was refused entrance. So how are they allowed now???? Did these schools put others at risk by allowing unvaccinated children in????

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