Potholes and Paperwork: Filing a Damage Claim

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CLEVELAND -- Doug Wright from North Royalton is one of 275 drivers who've complained to Cleveland's law department in the first three months of 2014 about the damage done to their automobiles by city potholes.

"The pothole took out both tires on the passenger side of the car," he told FOX 8’s Lorrie Taylor.

Wright was driving west on Brookpark Road, just west of Broadview, when he drove over an enormous pothole in February.

"It was a little unnerving. I was not going very fast," he said.

Wright contacted the City of Cleveland about his two damaged tires and said he was told he would have to file a complaint with the Moral Claims Division.

** Click here for pothole information from the City of Cleveland **

Besides filling out a form, drivers like Wright will have to provide the city with a lot of paperwork, including:

  • Automobile title and registration or lease contract
  • Insurance coverage
  • Two repair estimates or itemized bill
  • Tire age
  • Tread measurement

Drivers whose claims are approved won’t necessarily be compensated in full for their loss. Used tires will be priced according to their remaining tread.

What are the odds people like Wright will prevail in their attempts to be reimbursed for expenses?

They may be in for a battle if 2013 numbers are any indication. Of the 588 claims filed last year, 431 were denied while 37 remain open.

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  • bill meh

    avoid brookpark road– drive on rockside, nice and smoothe. harvard road –west 117th near detroit very bad most of west 117th is bad both directions.warner road all the way to broadway– turney road is a disaster…

  • parma resident

    Not in “Cleveland” but avoid basically any road in Parma, including Ridge, Ridgewood, 54th (from Snow to Ridgewood), parts of York…and on and on. I’ve had to totally reroute my way to/from work. All of these roads need to be repaved, not just patched for the 100th time.

  • Joe Code stud

    When our residential street was smooth, young thugs would virtually drag race at all hours even though there’re children and seniors living there. Now that it had crested size potholes, everybody drives more carefully. I grew up in the country so I don’t mind the bumpy ride. We’ll choose potholes, just drive carefully and avoid the really bad roads until the city gets around yo fixing them.

  • strongarm

    Goodluck getting reimburst ,i hit a pothole in my car a couple years ago causing 7 thousand dollars in damages,my INSURANCE COMPANY had to pay for it and i had to pay my deductible with no reimburstment from the city so goodluck but dont expect any assistance!!!

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