Police: Teen Bullied; Substitute Teacher, Students Charged

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PARMA, Ohio– A substitute teacher and five students at Parma Senior High School were charged after an alleged case of bullying in gym class on Feb. 28.

Police said the victim was a 14-year-old developmentally-disabled student who was hit in the face with a volleyball numerous times.

According to the police report, the boy dropped to the ground, then got up; he was then kicked in the groin.

The report said the boy was lying on the ground when the substitute teacher, Greg Mellinger, 49, walked over to him, noticed the abuse, then reportedly walked away, continuing his lesson.

Police said the incident didn’t end there; other boys are accused of taunting him while he was on the ground and performing obscene gestures near his head, then dragging him halfway across the gym floor.

The 14-year-old did not suffer serious physical injuries.

Mellinger was cited for endangering children. Two teens face assault charges; while three other students are charged with disorderly conduct.

Parma Schools Superintendent Jeffrey Graham released the following statement:

“There was an incident in a Physical Education class being conducted by a substitute teacher at one of our schools. The substitute was not a district employee and the private company that provides substitutes for the District was immediately notified to ensure that the individual cannot return to the Parma City School District.

Upon learning of the incident, school officials immediately notified the Parma Police Department and fully cooperated with their investigation. After the investigation, the Parma Police Department has indicated that it arrested five juveniles and one adult (who is not a District employee).

In addition to any potential legal consequences from the Police Department, the District is conducting its own school investigation and will take any necessary steps consistent with district policy. This type of conduct is unacceptable and our district remains committed to ensuring that all of our students are provided a safe learning environment.  We will continue cooperating with the proper authorities in this matter.”

Police said there is video of the incident, but the school will not release it during an open investigation.


  • lauren palmentera

    very very sad . My child who attends the school brought it to my attention after he read about it on facebook. Having a disabled family member it hits close to home and breaks my heart. May this be turned into a BIG LESSON and only good to come in the future. *prayers.

  • rose

    my daughter is perfect example of bullying.she was Jumped by five girls. I was told by the principal. that he took care of it. Lie. I pushed her to go back to school just tohave her call me and tell me they were intimidating her. I went to pick her up and was in the office for like 20 minutes I walked out and the counselor was walking towards the office with this girl. and the principal and the police officer and my daughter was walking down the hall.the principal said to me sorry I had to use her as a guinea pig. not the right things to say. I went to the aaministrative building and requested a transfer. they refused it by phone two days later.I been had to stand my ground a little more. I threatened with the media. have a call back within an hour and then got approved. when the girl at work asked why they were doing that to my daughter they had no other answer except for she was cute really? I asked my daughter if she ever have problems with them before and she said no’ she didn’t even know them’ so it is over it has been four years now. she still remembers it very well it has made her get a shy person. just like life out of school people need to be held responsible for their actions.

  • Teresa

    It’s seeming to always be substitutes not doing anything when I was In school I had Mr.Bosa as a sub who in my opinion should never of had his teaching license he made many rude and hateful comments not only to me but most of the kids in a class room he straight up told mere would not help me until I went and got my green card then laughed in my face . Thankfully he got fired after that incident but why does it always take something drastic for something to be done about bullying and hateful behavior not only by students but teachers as we’ll I’ve never been happier to be out of that school it’s gone down hill so fast

  • Ryan Weigelt

    I have a developmentally disabled daughter and my blood boils over these things but I feel more than those boys the sub should never be allowed back into a classroom environment it truly disgusts me that they did nothing towards protecting the child. It is infortunate that any adult would let anything of this nature to happen around them.

  • boogie123

    And the next school shooting we will again ask WHY?! Then of course blame guns and totally lose sight of one of the causes.

  • Brian Berardi

    The problem with kids today starts with their parents.. to many of them are trying to be their kids best friend instead of mom or dad

  • Frank

    Hey, parents of these kids and kids. Class will be in session at my home, stop by for a lesson anytime. It won’t take a lot of your time but you’ll learn a lot.

  • Gino B.

    I think so much is wrong in both what has happened here, and the district in general, as a student in Parma Senior High, currently a freshman, I’ve heard of a lot of the stuff that happens in this school, it makes me sick to think that people here would go as low as beating up a disabled kid. I think this town in general is beyond messed up, so much fighting and bullying, thing is these kids are only crippling themselves and their futures and in the process causing more and more kids to become depressed, suicidal, and causing them to even turn to drugs as a way out. I am very passionate about this type of stuff because I’ve bin bullied since i can remember, but I’ll admit I’ve also done a bit of bullying, I’ve done drugs and I’ve done so much wrong, I can only truly blame two things for all this in my life, that is my own mistakes and actions, and the town I grew up in, sad thing is this is becoming more and more “normal” in some towns and our country, and the world as a whole is going downhill fast. If we’re who are gonna run this country in the future, I am truly worried for our country, these kids should be ashamed of themselves, and i hope they never live it down, I hope their kids even know of what they did, I just hope their kids can at least see how messed up this is…

  • Rebecca Benjamin

    I went to this school and nothing like this has ever happened when I was there. What is wrong with the students at schools now today? But if I was there in that gym, I would have ran over and defended the victim. I would have also demanded that the students get expelled and the teacher get banned from school grounds for good. No one deserves to go through what that 14 year old boy went through.

  • Deni

    I agree with Jeff! Reporting the bullying…the meaness, does NOT make you a snitch…it makes you a GOOD person who doesn’t tolerate this NASTY behavior to your FELLOW HUMAN BEING!!! NO ONE, DESERVES TO BE BULLIED!!!!! NO ONE!!! IT’S WRONG!!!! REPORT IT… KEEP REPORTING IT TILL SOMEONE LISTENS!!!!

  • Karl

    Before all of you villagers get the torches going to attack the substitute teacher, why don’t you take a moment and wait for the facts? The reality is the blame lies with the animals in the class who did this; and, the parents and baby momma’s that raise them.

  • Shannin

    I am an 8th graders at PSH. I know what the kids and sub did was wrong but you can’t say it is “parmas” fault. It is not the schools fault that this happened. The students made poor choices in there acts. To everyone ragging on Parma please stop. Not all the kids here are “bad” or “bullies” this situation is getting taken care of. And everyone saying those kids need a taste of there own medicine doesn’t make sense at all . Don’t you want bullying to stop ? Then why would you want the other kids to get bullied? No one deserves to get bullied no matter what.

  • Keith Greenwald

    Do not tell me for one second its not the schools fault. Im willing to bet This is not the first time this child was bullied. I blame all the teachers who didnt stand up at take action. Knowing its going on ans turning your head you are just as guilty. That child has just as many right to go to school and not be afraid to be abused verbally or mentally. Im sickened to the teachers lack of getting involved. Teacher union should not protect them because real teachers would of taken a stand against any who place fear on any child. I sickened at Parma’s sweeping it under the rug. You failed that child as a mentor. Its not just a job. These children look up to you we trust you will look after are children and protect them. You all truly make me sick. These children have it hard enough takes a life time to build courage and self confidence it was taken away in just seconds. Those criminals the teacher the children and the parents and the rest of you that turn your heads are guilty. If they are not punished to the full extent or the law and you teachers do nothing your all guilty. You wanna picket to get more money in a strike how about picketing the school board to not allow these animals and their parents go without severe punishment. Lets not forget what most of you said is to the reason you all got into teaching it wasnt for the money. You have a responsibility to those kids and us. Stop turning your heads someones life may be damaged.

  • Randy Brown

    Cowards picking on a mentally challenged kid. Wow it doesn’t get much better does it? What an UGLY black mark on Parma High School. Wake up call here. Hopefully they will use this to springboard forward and make sure this NEVER happens again. Those students should be expelled for picking on a mentally challenged student. Community service and/or suspensions is a joke. Make an example of these heartless and brain-dead cowards!

  • Rick Yurko

    Man I wish I were a minor!!! Maybe this weak scumbag teacher can give me a shout out and I can give him a little taste of what this poor (and obviously helpless) kid got.

  • J lisi


  • Mary

    I love how the superintendent kept stressing that this was not a district substitute, WELL WHY NOT?? Mr superintendent you just made yourself look like an idiot?! Why wouldn’t you hire a district substitute? Was it cheaper to hire a substitute who could care less about our kids?!
    My prayers go out to the victim and his family. I hope that he can recover from this. I also hope that these kids are not allowed back into Parma High! We need to set an example as a community that THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!

    • GT

      How can we find out when this teacher and/or the students actually go to trial…Can we check some for of court docket to get this info??

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