Monticello Middle is a Cool School!

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CLEVELAND HEIGHTS--It's a Cleveland Heights Middle School where students are learning to be leaders in their community rather than followers.

Students at Monticello Middle School in Cleveland Heights were definitely excited to be this week’s “Cool School.”

The school held a special program in their auditorium where students sang. Some of the students also showed us how they dance to a different drum.

This is Principal Deborah Moore's first year at Monticello Middle School, the same school she attended back in 1977.

"So it is my honor to reside as the principal now," said Principal Moore.

At Monticello Middle School they have 3 unique leadership programs that help students get ahead in school and in life.

"Project Love is a leadership building group that promotes kindness and prevents bullying and helps others through learning the aspects of being kind and helping others and being respectful," said Chantee McMillan, a 7th grade student.

"Mighty Males of Monticello is an academic group for all boys all grade levels and the criteria to join the group is all A's and B's and no more than one "C" on your report card," Trevon Toney, a 7th grader, told FOX 8 News.

"The mission of ladies of leadership is to develop high self-esteem positive attitude, role model behavior and have our girls become independent thinkers here at Monticello Middle School as well as beyond, we are "the ladies of leadership Monticello Middle School is a cool school," said Tiffany Mixon, a teacher at the middle school.

Technology is another reason why Monticello middle is a “Cool school.” Students are all given iPads and computers to do their class work.

"Cleveland Heights believes that technology should be ingrained in every aspect of the curriculum here so they are committed here making sure that every student has an iPad or chrome book so they can engage in technology in their studies," said Principal Moore.

If that wasn't enough to make Monticello a "cool school" the lady tigers came in second place at a tournament last weekend.

Briya Gilmore told FOX 8 News, "we are the only people representing Cleveland Heights and that's amazing now we can go back when we get older look back, Monticello did this not nobody else."


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