Funeral You Don’t See Every Day for Man Who Died on the Job

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CLEVELAND--Middleburg Heights tow truck driver, Arthur Bryant, who passed away while on the job, was laid to rest Thursday with a unique funeral procession.

"If he's seen this right now, I don't think he could hold back the tears. Truly, to me my brother and family this is overwhelming, very overwhelming" said Eric Olsen, Bryant's brother.

arthurMore than 40 tow trucks and several police cruisers from around Northeast Ohio came out to pay their respects to Bryant by creating a large funeral procession.

Tow trucks of all sizes came down Pearl Road Thursday on their way to Lakewood Park cemetery.

"Even if it's rivals, they were his friends. They were his brothers. They are paying respects the same way Art would do for them," said Christian Olsen, Bryant’s Brother.

Family and friends who attended the funeral at St. Mark Lutheran Church were stunned by the amount of support Arthur received.

"We can't believe the support from this community and the love that these people have given my brother. It's just unbelievable," said Pam McCartney, Bryant’s sister.

Arthur Bryant, 50, suffered a massive heart attack on Feb. 28 after helping someone get back on the road.

"He died on the job. He's being buried in his uniform and his number one truck is here. Like I said, this is overwhelming," Eric Olsen said.

Friends and family said Bryant had a huge heart and he was there to help people whenever they needed him.

"Cars be broken down, pulled over, unknown reasons and he would just stop and be like 'Hey are you okay? Do you need a hand? What can I do to help?' That is just who he was. He didn't have to be told to do it. It's not like it was his job; this was his passion," said Brendan Kilkenny, a tow truck operator at Rich’s Towing.

Arthur Bryant is survived by his fiancé and four sons.


  • bryan

    Rip. Brother. Wish they would have mentioned this before now. We would have gladly joined in on it.

  • debbie silvy

    rip. so sad. so many tow truck drivers are injured or killed on the road but yet they are not considered a emergency vehicles

  • Charlena Breeden

    To fox 8 thank you for covering this. SO MANY TIMES,TOW TRUCK DRIVERS don’t get the respect they deserve. They work right in traffic with the police officers. It’s dangerous out there.

  • John Elswick

    As his friend and co worker,I can honestly say he will be missed.He genuinely cared about every person he ever crossed paths with.It’s absolutely tragic to see a truely good guy die so young.I still can’t wrap my head around it. But I can say this: If heaven has highways and intersates, You’ll know where to find him. “LONG LIVE THE PROFESSOR!!!!!

  • Amber Raye

    About 10 months ago I started dating this wonderful man who is also a tow truck driver. One day an old boss of his passed who owned a tow truck company on both of our days off me and him went over and detailed the fleet. Mind you i never detailed in my life but I learned not only because I wanted to but because it meant the world to someone. Rest in peace love though I never met you, your work and loving heart helped so many and touched lives from all over. Gone but never forgotten

  • Christian Olsen

    Character! To all of the people that went out of their way to pay respect to my brother. His fellow brotherhood to the law enforcement coming to say goodbye. All of you showing the world what character is. I thank you all for all that you did and do. God bless.

  • jay Coworker

    For the 18 years or so that I have worked with Art, I truly didn’t understand the random knowledge that came from him. “The Professor”
    All the times you would announce a disable vehicle on the side of the road, and we say “you can only do one at a time Art”! After some time
    we realized that is who you are. A Loving,Caring,Over the top Helpful,
    person that made us all take a step back. In many ways Art you are making us look at ourselves. I wish this was a lesson you could have taught us in person “King of all knowledge”………..
    This is one class I am thankful i took. Thank You Professor!
    Thank you for showing us in your own way, that you are one of a kind.
    It was too soon to end your shift. In the words of the Big Boss when u called 10-8 I am pretty sure he said ” Good job Ladd, Return…………..

  • Matt

    Its so great to see a guy who took so much pride in his job. He helped others on a daily basis. It’s very obvious from this story that many people cared a great deal for Art. My condolences to his family and friends. Thanks, Art, for your great service to your community. It seems that you led by example. I hope what you taught has been instilled into the younger generation, and we can have more people like you in this world. Thanks.

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