Homeless Man Given ‘Winning’ Lottery Ticket

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(Courtesy: MagicofRahat on YouTube)

When a man saw a homeless person hanging around his local shopping center, he decided he wanted to help.

But instead of just handing over a small donation, he took his kindness to another level.

In the YouTube video, the Good Samaritan tells the homeless man he doesn’t have cash, but he does have a winning lottery ticket.

He claims he isn’t sure how it was worth, but offered to take the other man to the store to claim the winnings.

When the men got to the store, the clerk told them it was a $1,000 winner and counted out the bills.

The lottery ticket wasn’t real, but the Good Samaritan worked it out with the clerk to make it seem legitimate was so the homeless man could “win.”

Overwhelmed, the homeless man wanted to split the money with the ticket’s original owner, saying, “I want to share it my friend,” but the Good Samaritan declined.

The video ends with a heartfelt embrace.

The Good Samaritan is known for his “drive thru pranks” on YouTube.


  • MrsLittle

    that was so nice. that homeless man and the other man will be blessed also. This was a tear jerker. I hope one day i can do that for someone only i have a real ticket or more cash. Beautiful!
    God is always near people, never forget that. We wake up with thanksgiving but never know how the rest of the day will be. God Bless.

  • April

    Even threw in “winning” for added excitement. :) God bless the giver and the homeless man both. I love how the homeless man wanted to give some back. In love with this story. It really just made my day :)

  • REDD

    Very emotional and nice. Im not an emotional person, but even i was tearing up! Nice to see good people still exist in this world.

  • Jeff

    Great gesture and very kind, but the whole thing seems a bit narcissistic to me because now with the video being viral, the homeless gentleman now knows that it was a set up. Just give him the money and say god bless you. No need for the promo…just my opinion. However it was a very generous gift of humanity.

    • Sumeet

      I agree. Why would he give a man a winning ticket and then walk him over to the counter? Then stand with him as he won, put him on the internet, and make a condescending mockery of his predicament. He will likely make more than 1k for the ad revenue that will accompany his rise to internet fame. Using a homeless man is a sad way to make yourself look holy. Millions of people now know of a man who was reduced to taking money from strangers and being tricked into it, to boot. I’m sure there was no release involved either.

      • Guest

        I actually like the fact that they took a video of this, maybe others will follow suit after seeing how happy he made the man. Don’t be so cynical, just be happy that someone did a very nice thing for someone in need.

      • Robert Arp

        Shut your yap and just be positive. In every story there always had to be a fucking hater. Go watch your politics or something and just let the people have their story. Cheese and rice already

  • Chill35

    Jeff, I initially thought the exact same thing as you, but then I realized that sometimes videos like this restore a little faith in us knowing that there are still good people out there doing good deeds. You are right in that we should not give to make ourselves look better or feel better or to attempt to gain the attention of others, but to simply and humbly bless those around us without seeking anything thing or any attention in return. Regardless, it was a beautiful act of kindness, and if nothing else maybe it will encourage others to do something similar.

  • Rebecca

    I love your videos and love your ability to make people laugh. I pray the Lord will bless your hand and life as you have other people. Thank you for sharing. It touched my heart so deep!

  • Brenda Allen

    The man giving the ticket away must have been an angel. Thank you for what you did . The way you planned it out was so awesome.

  • neck lee

    That was heart touching! For him to show that he even notice the man an to be able to bless him . God is good .Having a kind heart an always being humble never go unnoticed.

  • ashley smith

    Why cant you people just take it for what it was. A great act of kindness that deserves to be broadcasted! You people need a life! Stop attempting to down trodden everything.

    • Tunji Agosu

      I 100% agree with you ashley. For crying out loud, the guy is known for playing pranks all the time, but this time he decided to bless someone with it, its great! And should be praised for that. Why condemn a good deed. Do you really think, the homeless man cares if he is on camera or not? He is homeless people!! What could be more shameful than that. And here is someone helping out and that will definitely take him out of the street atleast for sometime. And I just saw it on CNN now that the prankster has set up a donation account for him and as we speak, people have donated more than $6000. What more can you ask of a good heart. May God bless the giver mightily. Amen!

  • Megan K.

    It is nice to see a feel good story in the news. We all need to be reminded from time to time that there are still good people in this world. Kudos to the young man that made this gentleman smile.

  • MEDS

    Crying…. God bless all men involved in this. The homeless man reminds me
    Of my brother who isn’t homeless but is mentally challenged. So nice if everyone would do this every chance they could…

  • Mitchell Perry

    This man will be broke and still homeless in 3 weeks TOPS. He needs more than money, he needs to be removed from the street and 1000 dollars is not going to do it, the homeless man is going to spend that money on drugs and alcohol. Its very sad but very true.

    • Mitchell Perry

      As for why i cant just let a “good thing” be, it is because this act of random “kindness” is doing more harm than good. It is a well known fact that lotteries actually put you into debt. From the taxes, to the sheer not knowing what to do with it, except buy drugs and alcohol, this homeless man could very well buy too much drugs and overdoes. He’s been living the life for a long time he said himself, he’s not just about to change from 1000 dollars, aint no way.

      • Melissa

        I understand where you’re coming from when you say that sometimes lottery winners end up in debt, but that’s usually middle class people who get some money and want to live luxuriously without realizing that it’s outside their means. Just because a person is homeless does not automatically mean that they are dependent on drugs/alcohol. This is a person who has been trying hard just to get by and probably hasn’t had anyone be kind to him in a very long time. Homelessness is actually a nearly impossible cycle to break. Think about it. It’s not as if someone living on the streets usually has a great enough education to get a job, and moreover, they probably don’t have the right attire or transportation to break into the workforce. Plus, it’s extremely difficult to get by on minimum wage jobs. A lot people who are technically impoverished are actually employed. I would like to think that hopefully this man will be inspired by a stranger’s act of kindness towards him and that hopefully this money will allow him at least the opportunity to make some changes in his life. I know the world is sometimes a terrible place, but it doesn’t do us well to just seek the negative out of every situation. Recognizing the bad should be a jumping off point for us to make much needed changes in our society

      • Rick

        You think the homeless man, who has been observed for a while, known for being nice and respectable in the neighborhood (stated by the videomaker), would waste his time on drugs and alcohol? The same homeless man that did not know everything was being filmed, but still offered the videomaker half of his “winnings”, from the goodness of his heart? The same homeless man who teared up as a real reaction towards the videomaker’s kind deed? From the video, you concluded that he would go spend the money on drugs and alcohol? Just a couple questions for you to consider reevaluating your assumptions.

      • Joe Lewis

        Thats probably one of the dumbest things I ever read. Wasn’t a real ticket, no taxes. Also there are no taxes on small winning paid over the counter. The guy was known around the community and respected. Would have to be a messed up community for a drug addict to be respected. Just be cause someone is homeless does not make then dependent on any substances such as alcohol or drugs. I’ve helped out alot of homeless with food and small amounts of money and refused many more. When you are there with a person and you see the gratitude on there face for a meal from mcdonalds, or a stay in a warm hotel room for a few nights with meals that are paid for you KNOW they are legitimate in there requests. So basically, keep your biased stereotypically opinions to yourself.

      • Michael

        @Melissa I agree with you on that not every homeless person is a drug dependent of any sorts. There are many in every town and city that are homeless due to NO fault of their own .I disagree with nearly impossible comment, as i was once homeless for almost 2 years and recovered fully to a nice job and a home that also has the luxuries of having internet for me to be able to post here tonight.What this nice good Samaritan did was so totally awesome and may just be what this homeless guy needed to get back on his feet again.There needs to be more people like this good Samaritan as a homeless person only receives something beneficial 1 out of 10 times.

  • MskaKes

    WOW…THAT JUST TOUCHED MY <3 SO MUCH. That was really awesome and as bad as he needed it he wanted to still share it with his benefactor….not greedy….humble & grateful… SPREAD THE <3 PEEPS!!! ;)

  • Fay

    The world has forgotten how to help someone in need. I pray that people’s heart will touched by this. He has a big blessing coming his way.

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