Woman Gets GED at Age 83

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CLEVELAND -- An 83-year-old Cuyahoga County woman has been working for years to reach a personal goal.

After almost 8 years of studying, she received her Ohio GED last month.

"Ya know what? You see this smile on my face? I'm 83 years old and I passed my GED," said Mary Davis of Cleveland.

Davis is still excited and smiling after getting her GED in the mail in January.

"Education is very important. Everybody needs an education," said Davis.

Davis dropped out of school at just 17 years old so she could marry her sweetheart. She then spent 25 years working in education and was part of the janitorial staff at the Patrick Henry School in Cleveland.

When Davis' husband passed, Mary decided to make the most of her time and go back to school.

"Well, at 75, I felt like I was just 60. I feel like I'm still a kid, let me get outta here and get some education and that was one of my goals," says Davis.

After 8 years of studying at the table with her grandchildren, Davis passed her GED exam in December and her certificate came in the mail a month later.

Davis' children have all completed high school and her son says she always pushed them toward higher learning.

"She's an inspiration, not only to me but to society, period. Because if you can look at someone in their 70s and 80s and see them not lose their fire for education. Eucation is so important," said Mary's youngest son, Hank Davis.

Now that Mary has her GED, she doesn't have to study anymore, so she has plenty of time on her hands. She says now she wants to do some volunteering and at 83, she wants to stay in shape by doing Zumba.

"That helps you keep your weight down, because the older you get, the older you get. I'm trying to tell you, the more you're supposed to move these bones," said Davis.