Police: Couple Targeted Responding to Craigslist Ad

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AKRON,Ohio-Akron police issued a warning after a local couple was robbed at gunpoint while answering a Craigslist ad.

It happened over the weekend on Diana Avenue in Akron.

The victims, a couple married for 36 years, have been buying and selling items on Craigslist for years.

FOX 8's Suzanne Stratford has more on what happened and how the couple escaped in the video above.


  • WOW

    Craig’s list should be removed and put out of business. Nothing but criminal and serial killers place ads on there.

  • sense maker

    Yeah we should ban craigslist that would solve everything. Oh yeah and take guns, and stop consenting adults from doing what they do… Or is it just other people’s freedoms you hate?

  • spazticnerd

    Reblogged this on spazticnerd and commented:
    I believe craigslist should be removed. There are too many crazy people out there and you can never tell which ad is safe and which isn’t. It’s just getting out of hand.

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