Keurig Takes Aim at Copycat K-Cups

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Photo Credit: Green Mountain Coffee via MGN Online

The biggest maker of single-serve coffee is taking aim at its copycats.

According to Time, Keurig will soon sell coffee makers that only work with the company’s brand of K-cups.

Later this year, the new machine will come with what’s called “interactive technology,” which locks out imitation K-cups, according to the brand’s owner, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

Since the rise in the popular Keurig brewers, companies like Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks and Folgers have come out with their version of single-serving cups.

The move by Keurig is an attempt to push back at the reusable and cheaper imitation pods, which can sell up to 25% less than Keurig’s cups.

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  • cj

    If they would be competitive on their k cup prices, this would not be a problem. Coporate greed, plain and simple. You have to pay a kings ransome for the coffee maker. The only think making this affordable were the green mountain k cups. When my keurig stops brewing, I will look to a more reasonable comparison.

  • me

    Wonderful news for all of the other companies who make single serve makers. I have a keurig, and love my gevalia cups. When my current keurig dies, I will buy another brand like that I can use my gevalia cups in. I bought it because I got a great deal, I didn’t buy it because it said KEURIG on it. I think this will backfire on them, as people now have many brands to choose from.

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