For the Win! Fox 8 Tries Out ‘Oscar’ Selfie

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Academy Award host Ellen DeGeneres created quite the buzz when she posted an Oscar selfie that literally broke Twitter Sunday night!

The host handed the camera to Bradley Cooper and jumped in the photo with stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep and Brad Pitt.

DeGeneres’ tweet received nearly 2.7 million retweets and nearly 1.4 million favorites, knocking Twitter offline for a bit, according to the LA Times.

Fox 8 decided to join in on the fun!

Monday afternoon, members of the Fox 8 team jumped in a photo with Dick Goddard to show off their award-winning smiles!


  • george johnston

    Isn’t it time for Dick Goddard to retire? Why doesn’t Fox 8 not offer him a retirement package and a bonus for getting lost next day and clean out his office next day. Doug Adair went gracefully and enjoys his retirement. Unfortunately some people just hang on well beyond their usefulness because kind coworkers don’t tell them it is time to go. Dick, it’s time to go. There are competent people to take your place. Give them a chance.

    • Jason

      Hey George…go spread your anti-union propaganda back on the News-Herald’s website. Or did you get banned again? LOLOLOL

  • charlie

    Very nice. Remember this. Keep an eye on March 16th in Washington DC. And report the REAL news.

  • Louis Robertson

    Dick looks fine shame on you people so he is a little older well we all will be there someday.It isn’t that he needs the cash or nobody else can take over he loves animals and going to work gives him something to do daily take that away and that wouldn’t be good.Fox 8 should be happy he still works as many people do care about him.

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