Download: Penalties for Excessive Cheering?

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(Courtesy: MGN Online)

More than a dozen penalties were issued at a series of youth basketball games to fans who violated the rules of “Silent Cheer Day.”

According to, spectators at the Idaho sporting event were supposed to show their support without yelling. They were allowed to use applause or signs to communicate.

The goal was to cut down on negativity that sometimes seeps into cheering.

Some parents said they were unaware it was “Silent Cheer Day” while others said it was simply too hard to not be vocal.

Coaches told CDAPress the fifth and sixth grade athletes played better with less noise.

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  • June

    This “Who can be the loudest” at the pro games has set the stage for college and high school. It’s not cheering on your own team, it’s interfering with the play of the other team. Some people are very proud of that… unfortunately. Let the players play and win because of how they played, not winning because people were screaming in the stands.

  • Beth Betancourt

    I am all for cheering on YOUR team but when it turns into ‘student sections’ picking on players from the opposing team for personal appereance or calling them out by name or chanting obscene chants and the schools and refs are allowing it to go then i believe something needs to be done!

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