Caged Kids Reach $2 Million Settlement With Stark County & Insurers

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CANTON, OH —  A Northeast Ohio county reached a $2 million settlement with children who were found kept in cages in 2005.

The eleven children were found in the Huron County home of Michael and Sharon Gravelle.

The lawsuit argued that Stark County should have known that the Gravelles were not fit to be parents.

Three of the children were placed out of Stark County. The county agreed to pay $100,000; insurance picked up the majority of the rest.

Huron County agreed to a $1.2 million payment. That payment has helped two of the children to attend college and will help the rest with college and other financial needs.

The lead lawyer representing the children said the legal action is all about taking care of the kids.

“Cases like this are brought for the benefit of the children to make them whole under the law,” said Jack Landskroner, “but the reality is this is money that will be put to great use by these children and already has.”

There are other settlements associated with this case; this is the last of seven lawsuits.


  • observer

    There’s alot of children in Stark Co. that have no business being with their real parent/parents but they keep sending them back anyway. It’s no wonder the children are turning out to be monsters.

  • None

    Children all over the country are treated just as poorly in their foster homes. Its sad how sick people can be, and what these low lives will do to other humans just to collect an easy pay check…. makes me sick.

  • spazticnerd

    Reblogged this on spazticnerd and commented:
    I most feel as though this is not enough. You can’t treat people as if they’re lower than animals. They should just be put out of business for not caring for these kids properly. For all we know they could be doing worse than just putting kids in cages.

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