‘Real-Life Barbie’ Says Her New Diet is Air and Light

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(Photo Credit: Facebook)

A model from the Ukraine who considers herself a real-life Barbie doll wants to live without having to eat or drink.

According to the Huffington Post, Valeria Lukyanova says she hasn’t had an appetite as of late and hopes that means she’s almost reached her goal to live only on light and air.

It’s part of something known as Breatharianism, where followers don’t eat or drink, according to reports, and instead live on “cosmic micro-food,” according to Huffington Post.

Early last year, a Seattle woman got some attention when she attempted a similar feat. Naveena Shine, the founder and subject of the Living on Light experiment, tried to abstain from food of any kind and live on only light, water and tea.

She announced on her Facebook page in October that she was “moving on” from “Living on Light.”

For much more Valeria’s story, along with more photos, click here.


  • lacedup11

    To be honest, I would love to look like that. I’m a fat woman who has no control on how I eat. Food is my best friend, and i cant stand that about myself. She can control it, maybe a little to severly, but she does look nice. Well, maybe she could gain a few pounds. Maybe soak up non diet rays of sun instead of the fat free ones. ;)

    • BasicCitzen

      lacedup11: you can gain control of what you eat. Remember it’s about control, not denial (you can still eat the stuff you love; you don’t have to deny yourself the good stuff for the rest of your life).

      Start by tracking your food: it’s an eye-opener. Good (free) food tracker at:

      You can do it!

  • Nicky Bee

    HMM if she wants to be like Barbie wouldn’t that mean she would eat since there are barbies that come with food in the toy boxes? lol wish I were this pretty though! But I love food to much to get this skinny lol! YUM FOOD!

  • Kim

    What do you men see in this ugly disgusting women. Nothing beautiful about her. She needs to seek mental help before it to late and she is 6 feet under. I bet her personality is very messed as well. Most skinny women and models are mean and nasty towards the not so pretty people. Yep people like this are mean and nasty with a ugly personality!

    • D Kelley

      Nice of you to judge her without ever talking to her, way to stereotype models. I see an attractive young woman in her, a woman that is following her dream of being a living Barbie Doll. I guess by your post you aren’t skinny, so that would mean I can stereotype you as being a fat and ugly mean-spirited troll.

  • Stacey Bueche

    “Breatharianism” is a hoax from the 1970’s- I remember when the “Breatharian” leading the charge was seen eating a Big Mac at McDonald’s, and a scandal ensued. This real-life “Barbie” is very much alive, but not for much longer. She is VERY beautiful, but you have to question the mental stability of one obsessed with “looking like” a plastic doll (by any means necessary- surgery after surgery- and starvation), a doll that has the reputation of imposing unrealistic and harmful expectations on women). I have a BSc in Dietetics, and the idea one can live on air and light is ludicrous. Unless she is faced with an intervention- to educate, inform, and impose- she will die.

  • heather

    to each is own. If this is what makes her happy or anyone else do not judge them it’s their life. Live how you want to live and let others live how they want to live.

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