Off-Duty Officer in Serious Condition After Crash

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Officer Jack Justice (Courtesy: North Olmsted PD)

Officer Jack Justice (Courtesy: North Olmsted PD)

Officer Jack Justice (Courtesy: North Olmsted PD)

MEDINA COUNTY, Ohio – An off-duty North Olmsted police officer is in serious condition after being hit by a driver.

According to the Medina County Sheriff’s Office, Patrolman Jack Justice, 43, was on his way home, just after midnight, when he was hit by the driver on Station Road in Liverpool Twp.

Police said the driver was trying to make a turn but instead drove off the side of the road. He then tried to get back on the road, but couldn’t regain control. The driver’s car was hit by Justice’s car.

Justice was life flighted to MetroHealth Medical Center with serious injuries. The other driver’s car hit a ditch and flipped over. He then ran away from the scene.

Deputies from the Medina County Sheriff Department along with the State Highway Patrol were able to find the driver and arrested him.

The crash remains under investigation.

Patrolman Justice is a 14-year veteran of the North Olmsted Police Department.


  • cj

    Prayers for Patrolman Justice and any family members at this critical time. People who drink and drive are thoughtless and most irresponsible of the human race. Not only do they risk their lives, they impact others as well. Yet the stupid drunks get behind the wheel.

  • Cleveland fan

    I pray for the officer and his family. Damm I hate BS like this, an achieved and good person F’d by garbage.

  • Charles Jandecka

    Loved Jack! Recently chatted with him as we sat waiting at a red light. Hurts to imagine the pain his family is suffering now. But can not scramble the other driver. He too, now if never before, needs some intervention from Jesus!

  • JK

    Officer Justice is such a wonderful person. I hope and pray that he is going to be ok. Lots of prayers being sent to him and his family!

  • Andrea

    I pray for Jack, his wife, children and all those who love him! He is a wonderful, caring man. I pray he pulls through in full health in Jesus name!

  • Bill Kachinski

    Our prayers are with the Justice family. I played horseshoes with Jack on a league at North Olmsted Park, We will pray for a full recovery.

  • Stephen Justice

    Sorry this unfortunate accident has happened, to my favorite cousin. But I know he will pull through 100 percent because he is a Justice.

  • Janet Saringer

    What a tragedy. I recently had a nice conversation with Jack. My prayers are with you and your family. I know you will make it through this.

  • John Poffenberger

    My thoughts and prayers are with Jack and his family. I have met him a few times and believe me he is a great personality and did not deserve this at all. May god bless you Jack! I am hopeful for a speedy recovery!

  • peliza89

    Hearing this breaks my heart. Jack Justice has a heart of gold. He’s kind to everyone and works as an officer to make a difference in other’s lives.

    I’ll be praying for him and his family during this tragic time. He’s a strong man of faith — I believe God will pull him through this.

  • Demi

    I feel terrible for the officer though I did not know him. But we can’t all be hypocrites I’m sure some of you bad mouthing have also drove with some alcohol in you. I personally know dalton worked on our farm for some years and he was hardworking. We have all made mistakes and I pray for the officer very much. We know dalton will get what he deserves and I hope he learns. Sad that it had to be this way though. Prayers.

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