Mission Complete: Vet Injured in Iraq Presented New Home

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SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio — Purple Heart Homes’ latest mission is complete.

Saturday afternoon, the organization held the “Mission Complete Ceremony” to officially welcome U.S. Army Veteran Demond Taylor and his wife to their brand new home.

“I’ve been in and out of the home, and I’ve met tons of people,” said Taylor. “Just incredible Americans really.”

Taylor is a graduate of Heidelberg College, where he majored in history. His dream was to make the military his career.

He served in the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne and made over 35 jumps on dangerous missions. He was 27 when he was deployed to Iraq.

It was there where he was involved in several explosions that resulted in traumatic brain injuries.

“I had been detached so long, dealing with depression and things, I literally forgot what it was like to be involved with other people, good people,” Taylor said at the dedication. “And these people were just genuinely nice and happy, and I had forgotten what that was like.”

The home had been vacant, until Purple Heart Homes purchased it for $1, gutted it and completely renovated it.

The organization contributed about $50,000 to the project. Taylor and his wife will pay a mortgage of 50 percent of the current home market value, and own the home in 15 years.

Purple Heart Homes provides housing solutions for disabled veterans.

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  • Bill Eskins

    If Michelle Obama left one dog home, on one elaborate vacation, the U.S. Government could have paid for his house in full with benefits for life! At least someone has his back as much as they can, but still just not right!!!

  • mary

    Become home ,glad you are back ,count your many blessingss one by one ,I am sure more good will come your way ,Thank you for all you have done for us & our country !

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