Man Sues McDonald’s Over A Napkin

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PACOIMA, Calif. — A man in California is suing McDonald’s over a napkin.

According to TMZ, Webster Lucas wants $1.5 million because he only got one napkin with his Quarter Pounder meal during a visit to a Pacoima McDonald’s in January.

Lucas claims that when he asked for more, he was denied.

Lucas then emailed the manager after the incident, claiming “undue mental anguish” kept him from working after it all happened, according to TMZ.

He was then offered free food, but filed the lawsuit anyway.

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  • cj

    Why didn’t he just go to the bathroom and grab some paper towels?
    Good ole America, you can sue over anything. If he thinks this is mental anguish, he must have had little experience with true hard times and true mental anguish.

  • Newt Zech

    When he loses I hope the judge makes him pay McDonald’s legal fees and bans him from their restaurants so he won’t risk being traumatized again.

  • Donald Burrill

    This is a perfect example of why the justice system should be changed. When jerks like this file frivolous law suits and they lose, as I hope he does, they should be forced to pay all court costs for the defendants. Unfortunately McDonald’s will probably settle out of court for an undisclosed amount.

  • Kevin B.

    they only gave me a handfull of ketchup packets when i clearly stated i wanted two handfulls..i should sue them too.

  • Emily Ann Wanchisn

    Sad thing is he will probably win because this world is messed up. It’s a mcdonald’s rule that you are supposed to get one napkin with each item and if he got a value meal you’re supposed to get 3 napkins.

  • Debbie kelly

    I went there last week and and didn’t get one at all! What should I get! That ridiculous! Lol

  • Amanda

    Well hell then I should sue them too because my kids don’t get enough french fries in their happy meals and when they eat all theirs they eat mine.

  • Willard Snowe

    Let’s see….. I’ll file a lawsuit on behalf of the napkins. God and Obama forbid a napkin should be subjected to such behavior. When and where is the vigil?

  • Willard Snowe

    I’m gonna file suit because not ONCE in the last 2 years have I EVER been offered so much as a pack of ketchup. Mc D on 55th near Superior HATES whites. The hood gets what the hood is. Bk across the street is better. ….. But not by much.

  • gary

    I asked for some big mac sauce to dip my fries in and they denied me so I could not eat the way I wanted to so I guess I should sue them to lol

  • Rose Mark Thompson

    when a restaurant won’t give me enough napkins, I just quit going there for a few years until I decide to give them another chance to do it right. I prefer to eat at home anyway. If they don’t want my business they don’t get it.

  • Glenda Bryant

    Now here is a question, now think before speaking. Here’s the question , he asked for more napkins and they told him no???? But then offered him MORE FOOD… Would they have given him more or at least 1 more napkin???? They refuse to give him another napkin but off him more food instead…. McDonald’s a special kind of stupid…..

  • Antwon

    Doesn’t MacDonald’s have napkins where the ketchup and coffee cream, etc… all in one corner of the resturant, I mean why make a big out of napkin’s. This world do anything just to get a quick dime. It’s sad.

  • davidf95

    “You people” = racist?

    I thought he was going to say you people who take a handful of napkins when you only need one. Not “you people”, who are black, don’t need napkins. I am white. Can I be considered “people”, or is that word reserved for the African American race?

  • Steve

    He’s playing the race card to give this absurd lawsuit some credibility? If I were black I would sue him for promoting the stereotype that people like me are lazy moochers. Seriously, why can’t someone sue him for that mental anguish?

    I am curious as to why McDonalds only gave him one napkin. Were they low in stock or is this to combat some asinine environmental demand to reduce paper waste (paper is a non-renewable resource according to environmentalists)

    I’m also curious how this racial angle will play out. Without ever having lived in the shoes of a Mexican-American, he knows without a doubt that “you people” means the same thing as “black people”. Of course anyone with any actual retail experience knows that the customer base often morphs into this faceless whiny obnoxious self-absorbed mass of petty people, and considering this guy is suing for the most absurd reason ever, the employee sounds right. BTW, is this guy aware that in 2014 America Hispanics have more racecard entitlements than Black people? Oh this race card he wants to play is going to backfire in such an amusing way,

    The only thing this guy has going for him is that he is in California. The people of California are on par with the people of Appalachia without the inbreeding and lack of dental care.

    • topsarge502

      Steve, as a former fast food manager, it is usually procedure to only give one napkin per sandwich, or at least it used to be. It is supposed to help control paper cost. If a customer asks. you could give him one or two more. The only reason I could see for them to refuse to give him more if he requested them is if he was rude or obnoxious.

  • Debbie Greenhill

    Excuse me but I think that is a prejudicial comment. I am from Appalachia and am not a product or inbreeding-actually everyone I know is opposed to incest- and I have nice teeth. It is not okay to stereotype me if you would not like for me to do the same to you. Otherwise I agree with your comment. God bless.

  • OhioMarine

    I was reading this the other day, and started to think about it. Doesn’t McDonald’s, or any establishment, hold the right to refuse services to anyone? By refusing to give this guy a napkin, wouldn’t it fall under that? I may be wrong, but was just curious.

  • Jann

    hmmmm………. every mcdonalds i have been in has a napkin dispenser near the soda fountain….. i think he should sue his optometrist first

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