St. Christopher is a ‘Cool School’

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ROCKY RIVER, Ohio--Faith is the foundation at St. Christopher in Rocky River. It is this week’s FOX 8 Cool School.

It is the only Roman Catholic elementary school-- kindergarten through eighth grade--in Rocky River.

For students, the mission statement is not just words; it is a way of being and a way of learning.

A group of 8th graders recited it: "We are St. Christopher School where Catholic values, service, excellence and community are shared with all by loving God, studying hard and being kind to each other."

Students follow the Diocese of Cleveland graded course of study and consistently do well on all standardized tests.

Saint Christopher was named a Blue Ribbon school in 2010. "And we also placed in the competitions for the Science Olympiad, the math programs and we have enrichment program also that is from fourth grade to eighth grade," Teacher, Michelle Federico, added.

St. Christoper is also a technology-rich school. There is group learning at the 'active table' and students do classwork on iPads and computers. "The iPads are more exciting because they are electronics and kids like electronics better than books,” Fifth grader, Grace Snyder, said.

Classmate, Grace Ryan, likes using the active table. “There are many different games we can use like jigsaw puzzles and European exploration. We are playing games and having fun but we're also learning while we're doing it," she added.

At St. Christopher, it's not only important to be good Catholic students, but good citizens, as well.

This is the second year for the St. Baldrick fundraiser.  About 50 students will be shaving their heads to raise money for childhood cancer. Last year, they did it for two cancer survivors; this year it's for two students battling the disease.

Eighth grader, Ian Flynn, summed why St. Christopher is deserving of being a FOX 8 Cool School. "We’re a cool school because everyone at St. Chris is like one big family,” he said.

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