Quisi Bryan Found Guilty of Kidnapping, Rape

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CLEVELAND -- A jury has found notorious cop killer Quisi Bryan guilty of kidnapping and rape, in connection with a March 1994 attack on a Cleveland woman.

The victim testified that Bryan held a knife to her throat, dragged her behind a vacant home and raped her in an abandoned car.

Jurors deliberated for just over two hours over the course of two days before delivering their verdict.

Bryan, 43, is already on Ohio’s death row for the June 2000 murder of Cleveland Police Officer Wayne Leon.

Bryan was linked to the 1994 rape after authorities began comparing DNA from cold case rapes, to the DNA of known offenders and inmates.

Bryan had earlier pleaded guilty to charges related to four other cold case rapes, but elected to contest the 1994 case and served as his own attorney.

Fox 8 asked Cuyahoga County prosecutors why they elected to pursue the rape case when Bryan is already condemned to die.

Assistant Prosecutor Jeff Schnatter responded, “The victim has lived with it for 20 years, and I’m sure it’s haunted her.  Each crime is distinct, and each crime calls for justice.”

According to Schnatter, the kidnapping and rape convictions could mean that an additional 50 years will be tacked onto Bryan’s prison term, but the State of Ohio intends to execute Bryan once his appeals in the Wayne Leon case are exhausted.

Sentencing was scheduled for Friday at 10 a.m.

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  • David S.

    What a Waste of State Tax Payer Dollars!!! A Total Waste of Court Time!! He’ll Never see the jail time!! (Death Row) Seriously!! I can’t believe The Local News Channels even Wasted the Air Time!! All the money Wasted on this B.S. Give it back to The Citizens and Quit Throwing it away On Useless Court Cases!!

    • WOW

      This is for you and Sean. It wasn’t a waste of time for the woman that he traumatized. It doesn’t matter that he has the death penalty. He needed to be tried for each and every crime that he has committed. If the cops had shown up that day to do their job, Officer Leon would still be alive. It was a waste of tax payer’s money to pay those cops who clearly weren’t doing their job that day the victim saw her attacker getting on the bus and they just blew her off.

      • george johnston

        How is the traumatized victim made good by wasting tax payer money on a show trial with no tangible results? I think tax payers are getting traumatized by all this wasteful spending.

  • April

    That’s sort of the point. A murder can appeal his case and possibly get life in prison. Now being asserted as a repeat violent offender he can not be eligible for parole if that were to happen. And, it could. Duh

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