February 27, 2014

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Cleveland Chop

This is a great week to get out of the house and go out to dinner! It’s Downtown Cleveland Restaurant Week! We welcomed Executive Chef of Cleveland Chop, Dave Gutfranski, to our kitchen. You can get the exact same dish of Blackened Scallops over Cheddar Grits and Creole Tomato Sauce from today’s show if you head to Cleveland Chop this weekend!



Donny and Marie Osmond

Thanks to our friends at Canary Travel, David and Natalie had the chance to visit Las Vegas. While they were there, they had to visit our friend Donny Osmond!

Take a look at our video clip of Natalie’s interview with Donny! And if you’re ready to fly to Vegas, pick up the phone and call our friends at Canary Travel! They will track down the best deal out there just for you.


NYC Grimaldi’s

While in New York, David went under the Brooklyn Bridge and discovered a great pizza shop – Grimaldi’s Pizza!



Your Health Today

You’ve heard of hip and knee replacements, but what about ankle replacements? We welcomed Dr. Brian Donley from The Cleveland Clinic for more information.



Moss at the Movies

David got a behind-the-scenes look at the new film, “Non-stop,” starring Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore!




Head to Hilarities this weekend and you’ll see Comedian, Theo Von! You may recognize him from TBS’s new hidden camera show, “Deal With It.”

Theo will be Hilarities tonight through Saturday, March 1, 2014!




Ballet West

You might recognize these guests from the CW’s show “Breaking Pointe.” Now, you can see them perform live tomorrow night in Cleveland First Ballet Gala! Rex Tilton and Allison DeBona gave Natalie the scoop!



New Books in 2014

Looking for a great cure for your cabin fever? Suzanne DeGaetano from Mac’s Backs was here with the newest books to curl up with!



What’s Trending: Oscar Hair

It’s a big weekend in Hollywood! Already this year’s Oscar Nominees are affecting the hottest hairstyles. Rachel Stephens took us inside Studio MZ to figure out how to get the Wolf of Wall Street blonde bombshell look!