Woman Handed Vulgar Receipt at Burger King

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) -- A woman in Virginia is claiming she didn't get just food during a stop at Burger King over the weekend.

She was handed a receipt with three vulgar words where her name should have been.

According to WTVR, when the woman and her mother-in-law complained to management, the manager apologized but the meal wasn't refunded.

The employee responsible for the receipt has since been terminated, according to WTVR.

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  • Bill

    Had it been me I would have laughed it off. One persons crazy opinion doesn’t mean anything. People are so over-sensitive nowadays.

    • Carmen Borden

      whenever they ask you for your name to call you when your orders up, instead of giving you a number, they put that name on the receipt. in this case, as in others, they will put vulgarity instead of your name.

  • Cynthia

    This kind of thing should never happen. I am glad the employee was fired. I feel bad for this happening to the customers, no one should ever be treated in such a way.

  • Nilsa rosado

    Some ppl treat employees on retail , fast food places etc like trash, I have seen customers that deserve a lot more than that word.
    Her mother had tears because she knows is true about her daughter.
    Treat ppl with respect to get respect, ppl behind those counters are hard workers, are stressed and under paid, some are college graduates that can’t find a job! Not saying it was OK for the employee to write that but maybe the customer deserved a cup of coke thrown to her face and then quit.

    • carrie

      i have worked with public for years… and yes it is very stressful.. but there are limitations… those limitations were crossed…not by the customer.. but the employee…

  • carrie

    This is still a public restaurant, fancy or not. they are there to serve people reguardless of race, color or nationality.. and if they don’t like the job then quit.. and if they make a mistake own up to it… now if it would of been me.. i would of taken the receipt back into the restaurant and told them that this receipt can be redone and my order redone.. the right way.. and made them look like a fool…that is just awful…

  • Laura

    everyone deserve respect.. I think burger kings, need a talk with the managers, on training on how to deal with customers.. come to their

  • bill

    15 dollars an hour they don’t deserve 10. I works maintenance and production and didn’t get close to 15 a hour doing every dirty job in the company.

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