Man Accused of Punching Parma K-9s in the Head

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(Courtesy: MGN Online)

PARMA, Ohio– A man is accused of running from Parma police and punching two K-9s.

Police said when they tried to pull over the man Tuesday night for a traffic violation, he took off on Pearl Road, crossing into Cleveland.

Parma officers followed him to the eastbound ramp of I-71.

They said the driver turned into the Burger King parking lot on Carnegie Ave. and ran off.

Parma police released its K-9s– Felix and Tyson– to catch the suspect.

While police were taking him into custody, they said he punched both K-9s in the head several times. It does not appear that either K-9 was injured.

The man was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center to be treated for bites to his upper body.

He was released from the hospital and is being held in the Parma Jail.

Police say the 41-year-old had a substance, believed to be cocaine, on him.

Criminal charges are expected to be filed.


  • rose

    What is wrong with people. If he wasn’t doing something he wasn’t suppose to he wouldn’t have gotten taken down by the dogs, hassled by the cops and arrested. Simple as that. STOP WITH THE EXCUSES!!!! You get what you ask for.

    • sumday

      Yes please stop with the excuses- dogs are animals not people. They can not understand human reasoning or logic, nor do they have the ability to think or act like a human. If the perp was attacking a human I would agree with you, but when an ANIMAL that can not understand logic or reason is attacking you I can understand fighting back against it. Fighting back against and attacking animal that does not have the same reasoning/intelligence as a human is not the same thing as fighting back against a cop. This is not an excuse this is simple logic- animals are unpredictable and can not be held legally accountable for their actions- ie if the dogs continue to attack there will be no law suit against them, no firing of their jobs, or any other accountability for their actions, nor can a stranger communicate with a dog to say ok I give up. Dogs are not the same as cops- dogs are animals period.

  • Bill

    Unfortunately these dogs are used as scape goats. They chase a bad guy, get shot, beat, kicked, whatever. Yea, it saves the cops life, but sometimes they sacrifice their own in the line of duty. Did anyone ask these animals if they want to do this? Of course not!!! Most cops are fat, bald and over weight, what the hell are they doing protecting the public. Most I’ve seen could not even run to catch a gerbil. SMH….

  • Christopher Paetsch

    If a dog is attacking and biting me to the point that I need medical attention, I am punching it as hard as I can in hopes of giving it brain damage. If you don’t want to be attacked by police dogs don’t run from the cops. If you don’t want your dogs punched, don’t sig them on people. How many people are going to let a dog chomp on them and not fight back. This is exactly why the DOJ is investigating our police and apparently they should go to Parma too.

  • sumday

    If a dog was biting me I’d punch them too. I know the guy was running and deserved to be taken into custody, but I’m seriously confused or shocked by those who think a person would or should just stop and continue to let dogs bite them. I know there will be a claim that the dogs would stop biting if the perp would stop, but personally if a dog is biting me I’m not just going to lay down and hope the dog stops biting I’m going to punching and kicking that dog for my life……then again I wouldn’t run from a cop to begin with. I’m just saying I would 100% defend myself from an attacking animal. No one should ever forget that K-9’s are ANIMALS not humans.

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