Hudson High School Lockdown Lifted

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HUDSON, Ohio — Hudson High School was placed on lockdown Wednesday after a suspicious person was reportedly spotted outside the school wearing a trench coat and ski mask.

Around 11: 15 a.m., Superintendent Phil Herman tweeted the lockdown was over and the person that prompted the scare had legitimate business at the school.

Police were first called to the building shortly after 10 a.m.  A district spokesperson said a safety lockdown was initiated, meaning lights were turned off and students were supposed to stay away from windows.

That was eventually downgraded to an instructional lockdown, meaning classes resumed but students were not permitted to move about freely.

Herman also tweeted an ambulance was called for a staff member who was having a seizure.  It was not related to the lockdown.


  • Deborah

    Let me get this right. A ski mask and a long coat. Ok . Now the temp is in the teens and what do you expect him to wear? Short sleeves and shorts? May be this person was taking a short cut . Either way, was he doing anything suspicious?

  • Dmc

    I want to hear more about the kid at Kent roosevelt that was bringing a gun to school to kill himself and who others? Why is this not being reoprted??

  • jonah hille

    Why are you demanding it gets reported dmc? Do all terrible acts of every single degenerate require a media fanfare, all the attention in the world… Which is exactly what each of those degenerates is going for.

    • Dmc

      This was not a demand, more less a question. Should you be a concerned parent of a child at that high school, you may have a diferent point of view and would like some answers. You can read the story on the Record Courier web site, but leaves more questions then answers. Did this kid act alone ? What was in that note? This should not be swepped under a rug. What was learned here to prevent a potential mass school shooting? Should it be shared ?

  • Hannah

    Well what if no one had reported it and the person actually had a gun? Then people would be saying “Someone should have said something to prevent another school shooting.” All of you are laughing and criticizing that it was nothing to worry about. But in this day and age why would someone even think it would be a good idea to wear a ski mask to a school. AND let us not forget that tomorrow marks the anniversary of the Chardon High School shooting.

  • Parent of 2

    Sorry, but approaching a school wearing a ski mask in this day and age is as short sighted as wearing one into a bank! It is sad that this is how things are but I am grateful to the student/staff who were alert to a suspicious situation and reported it.

  • sheila st.onge

    im the grandmother of one of those children in HHS and I feel that the staff did right in what they did.Look at all those school shootings and those parents who lost their children and is heartbroken from some crazy kook a shame what going on in the world today when parents and grandparents have to worry about sending their kids to school. so for yous who think this was a joke , I hope your children/you never have to go thru the scare I endured today!

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