Cleveland Schools Budget Plan Leads to Controversy

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CLEVELAND-- Tuesday night, hundreds of teachers and school officials went head-to-head at Buhrer Elementary School on the city's west side.

They were going back and forth over a new student-based budgeting plan.

Cleveland Metropolitan School District CEO Eric Gordon says the plan is more equitable because the dollars follow the student.

But teachers say it's really an attempt to slash spending and eliminate jobs.

The school district is projected to lose close to 1,500 students in 2015 which means a $14.3 million reduction from its current budget.

Watch Suzanne Stratford's report above for more on tonight's meeting.


  • Sue Cox

    eliminate cleveland schools, no more budget problem. the kids learn all they need to know from their parents-where to sign up for benefits

    • CBGBMuffin

      What an uneducated response. My son graduated from CMSD and is on way to becoming a Doctor. No benefits involved! After reading your comment I would say he has had a better education experience then you!

      • CBGBMuffin

        I failed to mention there are many more CMSD students like him that go onto college and become a productive adults.

      • Rick

        Ladida… Who cares if your child is becoming a doctor! Teachers aren’t what they were about back in the day… It’s not a passion anymore with most educators.

      • CBGBMuffin

        Probably no one except me ;) just trying to make a point that there are students in CMSD that are not relying on benefits or they are trying to break the cycle. I agree, Yes some teachers have lost their passion. There are still some out there that are trying their hardest to educate our kids.

    • george johnston

      It’s about time tax money follows the kids instead of flowing into the pockets of the union employees. Maybe someone in power there has finally put two and two together and realized the teacher’s union is raping the tax payers and that all the increases in money has not resulted in smarter kids. Why are cafeteria workers, custodians, school bus drivers, many of whom are part-time, getting guaranteed pensions with COLAs, Cadillac style health benefits with full eye and dental, sick/vacation pay never seen in the private sector? These jobs could be privatizes to save millions. This is why it was foolish to pass the last tax levy. These clowns are never satisfied.

  • joy stick

    Every year the schools have a problem Get rid of the overpaid management and you would solve part of the problem. Also, get rid of the union and another part of the problem is solved.

    • george johnston

      Getting rid of the union would solve all financial the problems. This is the result of not supporting SB5 which would have removed the union from raping the school budget, taking money from the classroom.

  • Heather

    Where is all the money from the lotteries? I thought they were to help ohio schools. Plus ohio now has casinos… There should be no problem funding education

  • Dawn

    Why don’t you guys become teachers and see if you think your overpaid. I love how since tax dollars pay teachers, all of a sudden they get too much money! If there were no unions there would be no middle class. Just the poor and the rich.

  • LovingCMSDTeacher

    It’s funny how people who have never spent one day teaching know what’s best for teachers and students. First, the unions are supported from union dues that come directly from our pay checks. There is no amount of money that can measure what teachers give on a daily basis. Secondly, we deal with things that most you could never fathom from students, parents, and administration. Lastly, all of the schools will receive less money for their budget because it is determined by the amount of students. Some schools will receive 100,000 to 1 million less. It’s not about unions or test scores, or undedicated teachers. It’s about equity.

  • Ath2o17

    George, you are so ignorant on this I hesitate to even begin. The money has not been following the kids, and now it’s going to be even further removed from them. It is not lining the pockets of the teachers, you hateful fool. It is lining the pockets of the already privatized sector of charter schools where on owners are getting rich and kids are being left behind. The money is lining the pockets of standardized tests creators and politicians. The money is lining the pockets of consultants who are inappropriately brought intevaluate. You have no idea what you’re talking about

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