CLE Air Marshal Field Office to Close

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CLEVELAND — The Transportation Security Administration plans to make some changes that will impact Cleveland.

The Federal Air Marshal Service field offices in several cities, including Cleveland, are slated to close in the coming years.

TSA stressed the move is intended to provide effective and efficient security and would not result in the elimination of any positions.

The entire written statement provided by TSA is as follows:

“As part of efforts to reallocate our workforce to allow the most effective security in the most efficient manner, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is realigning Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS) field offices, while maintaining the FAM workforce. To be clear, no positions are being eliminated and this will not adversely impact the ability of the FAMS to maintain coverage aboard flights arriving from and departing for the affected airports.  The realignment ensures the safety and security of the traveling public while maximizing coverage of flights representing the greatest risk for terrorist activity.”



A TSA representative confirmed to Fox 8 News that the Cleveland and Cincinnati field offices will close in June 2016.

Locations in San Diego and Tampa were expected to close by the end of the year.

The Pittsburgh and Phoenix offices were scheduled to close in June 2015.

Las Vegas, Seattle and Denver will be “assessed regularly.”


  • For what is right

    This is a lie, my husband along with several others will have to “resign or be terminated” because situations do not allow a move across the country. Very disgusting, unsupervised decision. Someone needs to investigate this agency, and fast.

  • Deborah

    Something is going on there. Why all of a sudden they chose to do this? We still have people who want to do serious harm to us and if it means it is by plane, then we must do what it takes to stop it at all costs!!

  • Fighting the Good Fight

    This decision oozes irresponsibility. My family along with many other families are adversely affected by the decision to close these offices. Many of us cannot financially afford to make the move and our husbands will have no choice but to resign their positions. or be terminated. Though “no positions are being eliminated” directly by TSA officials, the overwhelming number of air marshals left with no choice but to resign will hugely deplete the number of air marshals protecting our skies. These irresponsible decisions to close field offices and subsequently lose men and women who volunteered to risk their lives every day to protect our security does not only affect their families, but also the american public. This agency needs to be investigated as soon as possible.

  • Demand the Truth

    The TSA Administrator and the Director of the Federal Air Marshal Service are releasing talking points that were developed to counter criticisms to the office closures. They are a carefully crafted “play on words” that allows them to advance a false narrative. This is what bureaucrats do on a regular basis to deflect criticism and responsibility for anything.

    While it is true they are not “officially” terminating the employment of anyone affected by these closures. They know full well that there will be a significant “net loss” of the most experienced Air Marshals as a result of these Field Office closures. Senior executives were informed on many occasions by the workforce of the impending resignations and retirements that would occur if this plan went forward. They dismissed all of these concerns without consideration.

    When you read in their statements that the mission of the Federal Air Marshal Service will not be compromised as a result of these closures, it is quite simply not true. Call your congressional representatives today and demand an independent investigation into this matter. It is critical to our national security.

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