Random Acts of Kindness to Honor Chardon Teens

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CHARDON, Ohio-- As the two-year anniversary of the shooting at Chardon High School approaches, people in the tight-knit community are choosing a different way to remember the day and honor the victims: Daniel Parmertor, 16, Demetrius Hewlin, 16, and Russell King, Jr., 17.

Students across the district have been performing random acts of kindness during the entire month of February.

Watch the video above for more.


  • Angela

    That’s awesome that a tragedy is being turned into a positive thing! God bless the families and any one who is still dealing with any pain. Forgiveness is not easy but it helps you move on:)

  • endbullying

    shouldn’t these kids be encouraged to be kind to each other at all times, not just one month out of the year because of a tragedy. sorry but this story is not making me feel warm and fuzzy inside. people need to get a clue, and some insight into the big picture.

  • William J Urmson

    The NRA is the biggest domestic terrorist group in the United States, maybe the world. They love their guns more than people. With politicians in their pockets all we can do is brace ourselves for the next NRA sponsored slaughter.
    The policies and laws created by The NRA killed the kids in Newtown and allowed the vigilante George Zimmerman to murder Trayvon Martin. Back ground checks, that the NRA strongly oppose, would help keep guns out of the hands of unstable people preventing many deaths.
    STAND YOUR GROUND is nothing more than a license to legally hunt and kill innocent people PERIOD~

  • endbullying

    you are an idiot if you think guns are the problem. lets focus on the mental health issues in this country. outlaw guns and the only people that will own them will be the wrong people. not the answer. sorry.

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