Pothole Repair 101: Cleveland Reveals Patch-up Plan

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CLEVELAND– The City of Cleveland is addressing the pothole problem plaguing roads throughout Cleveland this winter.

In a press release sent out on Tuesday, the city said, “This year has been particularly challenging for the Division of Streets as snowfall and extreme cold temperatures have been more severe than recent years.”

When weather permits, they said six to eight crews from the Division of Streets are out each day patching potholes. The city said the Division of Streets will finalize agreements with private contractors to help with patching.

The city said the Division of Streets continues to identify the areas with the worst pothole issues and the following protections were taken:

**Payne Avenue over I-90 was closed for partial deck repairs.

**The West 53rd Street Bridge is scheduled to be closed from Clark to Walworth for repairs.

**In the 1200 block of Fairhill, protection barrels were placed at various locations.

**At East 116th Street south of Buckeye Avenue, protection barrels were placed at various locations.

The city also addressed repairing concrete streets like Rocky River Drive and West 117th Street. They said the best way to patch them up is to pour concrete, which requires a minimum of two days with above-freezing temperatures.

They said the northbound and southbound lanes on Rocky River Drive north of Puritas Avenue and the northbound lanes of West 117th Street, south of Lorain Avenue are closed for necessary repairs, if weather permits.

The city said the best method to repair potholes is to use hot asphalt and the best time for those repairs is on dry days when temperatures are at least 40 degrees or higher.

They released the following list of locations where potholes were fixed on Tuesday:

**East 40th S. Marginal to Woodland
**Prospect East 9th to East 4th.
**Chester East 30 to East 18th Westbound.
**East 9th at RT 2 on Bridge Deck.
**West 25th Clark to Daisy.
**West 117th Madison to Edgewater.
**Cedar Carnegie to Ambleside.
**East 143rd Kinsman and Barlett Intersections.
**Warner Vineyard to Connecticut.
**Tourney Grand Division to Cardwell.
**East 147th Street (All major potholes.)
**Chester Euclid to East 101st
**East 152nd (Aspinwal to S. Waterloo.)
**Eddy Road St. Clair to I-90.

To report a pothole:

Residents can call 216-664-2510 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Or to email pothole locations, CLICK HERE.

Read much more on the pothole problems here.


  • george johnston

    Just get these lazy union workers out there and do it and don’t worry about overtime. I see city union snow plow drivers and maintenance plowing roads with no snow on them. Press them into action too. Then get rid of the unions.

    • Micky

      Without the unions people would be stuck trying to work hard to get paid a decent wage, why the heck should they have to do that!

      • george johnston

        Without unions communities could afford timely repairs and services without every dime going into union pensions, Cadillac health services and overtime. Without public employee unions the tax payers would get a fair return for their dollar and communities could balance their budgets without having to put up a tax levy every two years. And pot holes would be filled.

  • Mark Waworika

    George, perhaps you think other people like to work for free? Will you be volunteering to fill the potholes full-time for peanuts?

    • george johnston

      Don’t rationalized the dead wood of the public union employees. They have choices. If they think they are getting a raw deal and are overworked then they can chose a different occupation in the private sector where they don’t have guaranteed pensions and Cadillac health privileges including full eye and dental for themselves and family and lazy kid up to age 28 that tax payer have to pay for. Unions are a cancer.

      • Whereissue

        Thinking such as yours is cancer. Such hate for strangers. Until you’re willing to do the work yourself, point the finger at the officials which you help elect. How dare you target people who are only guilty of having a job.

  • James Washington

    Hi my Name is James Washington
    last year I hit a pot hole, I did everything the city ask me to do but after I did, they told me the city would pay me if I could prove that the knew that the pot hole was there before I hit it
    I live at 2234 E. 84th St in Cleveland 44103

  • David S.

    If The State of Indiana can Pave Roads in The Dead of Winter, You’d Think The State of Ohio and The Local Communities Could Fix Ohio’s Roads!! Running Out of Salt, is another Subject!!

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