Man Who Killed Officer Comes Face-to-Face with Rape Victim

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CLEVELAND, Ohio-- Notorious cop killer Quisi Bryan is standing trial for a rape committed in 1994, and on Tuesday, he came face-to-face with a woman he is accused of assaulting 20 years ago.

Bryan, who is on death row for the 2000 murder of Cleveland Police Officer Wayne Leon, was linked to the sexual assault and four other cold rape cases through DNA testing.

The victim told the jury, "He came from behind me. He put a knife to my neck. He says go in this direction. He took me behind a vacant building, and there was a car there. He said 'get in the car. If you scream, I'll kill you.' When it was happening, all I could think of was that 'God, please let me get out of here. Please let me make it out of this. Please let him not kill me.'"

The woman found herself in the unusual position of being cross-examined by the 43-year-old Bryan, who is representing himself. Bryan asked the victim, "At the time of the rape, were you using drugs?” She responded, “Not that I recall. This happened 20 years ago. I cannot remember every detail. I pushed this out of my life so that I could try to move on."

The victim testified that about a month after the rape in 1994, she saw the attacker at a street corner on the east side of Cleveland.

She said the man that she now knows was Quisi Bryan, was wearing a security guard's uniform.

She ran to a payphone and called for police and then began following the man. "I told them that the guy that raped me was getting on the bus, and I got on the bus and I followed him all the way to where he got off,” she said.

If her memory is correct, police may have missed out on an opportunity to arrest Quisi Bryan on a rape charge, six years before Wayne Leon was shot to death by Bryan during a traffic stop. She told the jury, "They never showed up I gave them the bus number, everything."

At one point during Bryan's awkward cross-examination, the victim stopped referring to her attacker in the third person and directly addressed Bryan as the man who terrorized her 20 years ago.

In response to one of Bryan’s question, the victim said, “I just remember that I passed a tree, and you had to come from behind that tree because when I turned and looked back, there was nobody there so you must have been hiding behind the tree. After I passed the tree, that's when you came out."

Quisi Bryan will be given a chance to present his case to the jury on Wednesday.

If he elects to take the stand, prosecutors say they can bring up his extensive criminal history, including the murder of Wayne Leon and his conviction on four of the old rape cases.

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