Las Vegas Police: Don’t Call Us for Fender Benders

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(Courtesy: Kat Kinsman/CNN)

(CNN) — If you get into a fender bender in Las Vegas, don’t bother calling 911. A car dings yours in traffic, same deal. In fact, unless the car crash resulted in an injury don’t expect police to show up.

That’s because Las Vegas Police just don’t have the time anymore. Every week police in Sin City estimate they spend 250 hours on this kind of work. Time they’d rather spend it tackling bigger cases.

So come March 3, police will leave it up to drivers in these minor accidents to do the right thing. That means exchanging insurance data and filing a report themselves.

Not everyone thinks the new move makes sense.

“People are going to be over exaggerating, understating the accident, and the procedure of the accident isn’t going to be reported correctly because of a lack of police involvement,” Dena Gaskin told CNN affiliate KLAS.

And while drivers many cities gripe about traffic hazards, Vegas motorists face certifiably mean streets.

All State Insurance Company every year ranks 200 cities based on their claims data. In 2013, Las Vegas ranked 130th. Meaning that on average, drivers there get into an accident once every 8.7 years.

If you don’t like those odds, keep in mind, the city has improved on its 2012 performance. It has moved up six whole spots in the rankings.

Police aren’t sugar coating their new policy. They acknowledge in a press release that the move “may be an inconvenience to our citizens.” But they also say motorists won’t be totally on their own. Police will respond to minor accidents if one driver refuses to turn over his or her info.

Also, officials were quick to point out: Las Vegas isn’t the first.

San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles and other cities have similar policies, traffic chief Mark Tavarez told KLAS.

Los Angelinos in particular will likely have some sympathy for Las Vegas’s decision.

Their city weighs in at 181 on Allstate’s list.


  • Kevin B.

    it’s not like we pay their wages or anything….oh, wait… I guess it’s now protect and serve when its only a high profile case and it makes them look good.

    • scott swea

      minor accidents should not be a police matter i always see retards who have very minimal damage sit in the middle of the street and block traffic move out of the way aholes!!!!

  • nick kohut

    Cleveland has been doing this for years. If no one is hurt and the cars are drivable…… good luck. The police dept says go to the district station all file a report.

    • Kevin B.

      They go by the mantra “drugs will ruin your life but if we catch you with drugs we’ll ruin your life for you.” and get paid nicely to do it too.

  • wayne etela

    lets see they dont come for accidents ,did not come when my nephews car was stolen, cameras take care of speeding tickets .exactly what do we pay them for ?

    • Jennifer Cooper

      Because each police officer has 40 to 60 hrs in his week to work…times 50 cops…and all of a sudden there are a lot more hrs in that week…

    • Jennifer Cooper

      No. They aren’t required…i did it before when I got rear ended by a lady in a situation…i was nice and just dealt with her insurance, who by the way had my vehicle fixed by the end of the week…they were great, and I didn’t have to waste 2 hrs waiting on the police…

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