Donations Needed to Help Cat Called ‘One of Worst Frostbite Cases’

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LAKEWOOD, Ohio– A cat found with one of the “worst frostbite cases” Lakewood Animal Hospital has seen in years, is being cared for by a foster family.

Named Patrick, the cat was rescued by a good Samaritan who found it out in the freezing cold in Lakewood on Friday morning.

Patrick was emaciated and had severe frostbite when he was brought in to the Lakewood Animal Hospital.

He was given an antibiotic injection and transferred to the Lakewood Animal Shelter.

A return visit to the vet on Monday showed his condition was worse than originally thought. They said Patrick is skin and bones; he’s missing most of the fur on the inside of his back legs; and the tips of his ears are dead from the frostbite and will eventually fall off.

Despite the challenges, the animal hospital said Patrick is in good spirits and his foster mom is committed to saving him.

If you’d like to donate toward the animal’s care, CLICK HERE or stop by the Lakewood Animal Hospital.


  • Lindsey

    Everybody needs help in 1 way or another. And there are so many organizations who can provide the help needed. There is an organization called The Ex News Boys. They provide school supplies, clothing, etc. to families and children in need. If a person chooses to donate to this cat, good for them! Maybe they even have enough to donate a little to another organization like The Ex News Boys. Point is, everyone needs help. Why be biased over which one takes priority.

  • samantha

    LOL. If kids need school supplies and clothing tell there parents to go buy them. if the potholes are ridiculous tell the state to start using a diff mixture. Are you going to dontate to fix potholes???? O wait thats what we pay taxes for…. I will have no problem trying to help out an animal that never had a chance. I will make sure to leave you out in the cold nxt year!!!

  • Modges

    George, who appointed you to determine which causes are worthier than others? I will donate my money wherever I so choose, thankyouverymuch!

  • Jen

    There is always one small minded person that thinks that offering help to a defenseless animal in need somehow takes away from the people in this world, as if there is a certain dollar amount in the bank of goodwill. It’s ridiculous.

    Somehow, that tragic lack of compassion makes me think that that person hasn’t donated anything to anyone.

  • Lisa

    George, you should hope your never in need because people might say the same about you! I will donate to this cat. You- I would NOT!

  • erica

    Well I think animals should b helped. I also feel that donating a little here and there of any kind is great. Wither it b ur time money or items they need. Goid luck patrick

  • Zohdee

    I rescued a kitty three years back from the harsh cold. He had frostbite on his ears as well. He is now missing part of his ear but he is now warm and safe.

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