Citizen Awarded for Stopping Rape

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(Courtesy: Second District Community Relations Committee Facebook Page)

CLEVELAND — A citizen credited with helping to stop a rape and kidnapping in progress was presented with a Second District Commander’s Coin.

According to the Second District Community Relations Committee Facebook page, on Feb. 15 around 3:45 p.m. Robert Royal noticed something wasn’t right.

From the second floor of his West 57th Street home he saw a woman held at gunpoint inside a small pickup truck.

Even from that distance, he could tell she was being made to perform a sexual act.

Royal called 911 and stayed on the line to provide the crucial information police needed.

Officers said his “swift action and response was instrumental in the locating and ultimate capture of a heinous sex offender.”

The 44-year-old victim was rescued and the 53-year-old suspect was arrested.

“I met with Mr. Royal and his family on Friday evening and expressed our thanks and gratitude to him for his willingness to ‘get involved’ and for being a good citizen of the Second District,” Cleveland Division of Police Lieutenant Mark Ketterer wrote.

Facebook users sang Royal’s praises, saying he’s a great example of what one person can do to help another and that we need more citizens like him.

The three police officers who responded to the call were also awarded the Commander’s Coin.


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