PHOTOS: Haunting Past Olympic Venues Empty, Abandoned

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The stands may have been filled and the facilities bustling over the past two weeks at the Winter Olympics facilities in Sochi.

But what happens when the games are over?

Photographer Dietmar Eckell has traveled around the world taking photos of abandoned venues from past Olympic games.

Sarajevo was the site of the Winter Games in 1984 — most of its grounds are now overgrown or were damaged during the war. In Calgary, the facilities are also abandoned.

To see the haunting photos, click through the photo gallery above.

For more photos and for more on Dietmar Eckell Photography, click here.


  • Mary Beth Casey

    It’s too bad in Sarajevo. My husband was there as a bobsled pilot. He loved the venue, the culture and was deeply hurt when the war broke out and the community he enjoyed while he was there was destroyed.
    Having said that, shame in Calgary, my husband was there too. Look at Lake Placid, you could have another Olympics there today. They keep the venues alive by offering tours, keeping the spirit alive. It’s all in the presentation. Obviously Calgary didn’t have a good PR group to keep the Olympic spirit alive after the sports left.

    • G Tremblay

      You might want to check up on all of Calgary’s former Olympic venues. They are all very much used and in great shape! The Olympic park has done nothing but expand.

  • G Tremblay

    I live in Calgary. The pictures depicted are bogus! The ski jump is very much used and the Olympic park is thriving! What a crock!!

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