Person Pays for Stolen Milk After 56 Years

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Edmond, Oklahoma (KFOR) -- Have you ever felt guilty about something you've done in the past and wished you could go back and make it right?

That's exactly what a former student at a school in Oklahoma did -- and it was over something that happened 56 years ago.

Clegern Elementary School received an anonymous letter that reads in part: "I have recently returned to church after a 25-year absence. One of the many things I asked God's forgiveness for was this: stealing a carton of chocolate milk when I was in grade school there in 1958. I'm the oldest of six children and we didn't have a dime to send with me to school."

Enclosed with the letter was $100, as an exchange for forgiveness for a desperate act of a child all those years ago.

"To have held on to this for all these years, and to pay it back in this way is a lesson to all of us," said Clegern Principal Teri Cowden-Draper.

And it's timely too.

It just so happens the kids are learning more about honesty, trustworthiness and integrity.

The anonymous Clegern alum wants the money to be used for a student or student's family who needs a little financial help or go towards a project important to the students.

Cowden-Draper said the students will decide what to do with the $100.


  • Joe Code stud

    Different malfeasance back then. He was hungry and he stole some food. Today’s kids will not only steal for fun but will shoot anyone over five dollars and record it for youtube. Today’s generation and their parents have failed, particularly the black family.

  • D Montero

    Haven’t been in the ghetto lately have you? its half white. & you obviously haven’t watched much you tube cause that’s mostly white. Please attempt your racism again.

  • Jenn

    I have seen many positive stories in the news latley, and most of them seem to be followed with a negative comment. None of them have made me want to respond either. However, in all the stories I have read in the past few days, this comment by “Joe Code Stud” has to be the most ignorant! Theft, violence, ignorance….have nothing to do with the color of your skin! In fact I cannot think of one school shooting that made the news….where the shooter was black. Columbine, Colorado…nope the shooters were not black. Chardon, Ohio…shooter there also was not black. Newtown, Conn., shooter there also was NOT black. Virginia Tech, shooter was not a black man! Huntsville, Alabama…shooter was not black! Movie theater shooting in Colorado..also NOT done by an african american person! Ignorant people like you Joe Stud are the reason racism still exist! The color of your skin has nothing to do with what you are or are not capable of! As far as you “Joe stud” YOU have been failed by todays generation and your parents! Your comment disgusts me!

    Now, back to the story. I think what this woman did was nice. What she did 56 years ago was wrong. Her guilt has lead her to pay it back and pay it forward! I hope it goes to a child in need!

  • Stacie

    My race is white this isn’t about a race card it’s about honesty. But lately if you look in the news there are a lot of white folks doing just as much crime as another race. So joe you are automatically saying it was an African American that did this. I say who cares about the orgin of the person. Just understand they have found Jesus in there life and have paid for what they did in the past. God moves in people lives he’s power full and a wonder god.

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