Woman Assaults School Employees, School Placed on Lockdown

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Jessica Smallwood. Photo Credit: Akron Police

AKRON — An Akron elementary school was placed on lockdown Friday morning after a woman was accused of assaulting the principal and two other school employees.

According to Akron police, officers were called to Glover Elementary School on Hammel Street around 8:30 a.m. for a report of an irate, out of control parent.

Police say Jessica Smallwood, 26, refused to check in at the office and then assaulted the principal, a teacher and a cafeteria worker. She then refused to leave.

Officers took Smallwood into custody and charged her with two counts of felonious assault, assault and criminal trespassing.


    • Crystal

      I have no patience with people like this. 26 and that’s how you act in a school I assume her child(ren) go there so she’s a double idiot to put her very little one through the embarrassment.

  • Lana Jefferys

    Is possible she is not custodial parent and was trying to get the kid away from the other parent/guardian by way of picking them up from the school. I see very little other reason to refuse to check in at the office.

  • nessaklein

    For one if you dont know the person or the circumstances you shouldnt speak on it no one knows wat really happened but the people that were involved some people are so quick to judge and label other people as so called white trash but the real white trash is you people that nothing better to do then bash people they dont know i know jessica and i guarantee not a one of you would say these things to her face so know before you speak on her or anyone thanks

  • Kim

    nessaklein, rational adults DO NOT ASSAULT people and end up with felonious charges against them. Sorry, that is very dysfunctional and of course people will judge her. The news here did a pathetic job of reporting the facts as usual but come on…you don’t reach out and punch or slap people when you don’t get your way. Now she faces charges…NOT A SMART LADY.

  • browns627

    just because its school employees doesn’t make them saintly, she could have been provoked. not passing judgement on this. if her child was being neglected, abused, punished for a stupid reason then mom has a right to get upset. i’ve seen teachers over react in the past to gain sympathy so this might not be what it appears to be

  • Jaimy

    It doesnt matter what the circumstances were, there is absolutely no reason to assult 3 school staff members. Especially in an elementary school. Even if she were provoked in some way, she could have left the building and called the police and handled the situation properly. What if there were children around when the incident happenes, innocent children could have been hurt. There is absolutely no excuse for such innopropriate behavior. In an elementary school of all places.. This was an act of pure stupidity.

  • Leona

    I saw a comment that said if I knew her I wouldn’t say it to her face. Why do you think that is? Because she may assault me as well? That’s how I interpreted it.

  • Jean Kirby

    As a society, we are all so ready to jump on the band wagon, even though the details were not even mentioned. Assault is a word that people attach to a broad range of actions, including pushing someone away that’s trying to grab you or standing in the way. I agree, just because someone is a school employee doesn’t grant them sainthood. On the other hand, maybe she was overly aggressive and had bad intentions. We don’t know any of the circumstances, and we can’t always gobble up everything the press tries to spoon feed us.They have sensationalized incidents, and tried to steer us toward their biased opinion. opinions. Wait for the actual facts, think for yourself and don’t act like cattle.

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