Price of Potholes: Drivers Dish out Hundreds for Damage

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BEDFORD, Ohio -- Driving through a pothole can be pretty frustrating; so can paying for the damage it causes.

Curtis Tate, of Cleveland, just experienced what that was like not too long ago.

“I’ve been driving down the streets of Cleveland, and I hit two potholes back to back in my Monte Carlo, and it bent both my rims, right front rim and my strut. Total repairs a thousand bucks out-of-pocket," he said.

He said potholes seem to be around every corner, and there's no way to avoid them.

Service Manager Mark Rigby from Tim Lally Chevrolet in Bedford said they've seen their share of customers complaining about them, too.

“We aren’t just talking wheels and tires. We aren’t just talking suspension damage, we're also talking about cosmetic damage and things being thrown up, windshield cracks, things of this nature," he said.

The price for repairs can vary depending on the make and model of the car, and also what kind of damage the vehicle has. Rigby said on average, drivers can expect to dish out anywhere from a couple hundred to $1,000.

He said insurance companies will sometimes cover the cost for repairs, but, that really depends on the driver's policy and deductible.

If that's not an option, drivers can always consider buying a warranty.

“No manufacturer offers a direct warranty for anything that’s for outside influences, like road hazards. There are after-market warranties you can buy that will cover bona fide road damage or road hazards as they come up," he said.

Besides that, there's not much else drivers can do besides be safe on the roads and avoid the potholes whenever possible.


  • Hawk

    Just send your receipt in and deduct that from your city tax they want to collect from you. I do. Works for me. Are taxes go to fix they stuff. They can’t seem to come up with a better solution or temporary patch it fast enough.

  • jason

    How about using that money form all those red light cameras? Remember…it’s all about safety on the roads!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!! FARCE

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