Man’s Conviction Overturned After 20 Years in Prison

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AKRON, Ohio -- An Akron man's murder conviction has been overturned -- but it was after he spent the past two decades behind bars.

I-Team reporter Jack Shea gained access to the investigative files in the case, and examined the role of a notorious criminal in the prosecution of Dewey Jones, 52.

Watch the video player above for his story.


  • kathie

    I’m so sorry. All those precious years wasted. I hope you can rebuild your life and find some happiness after this grave injustice. Your gentle attitude about this amazes me — i don’t think I would have been that calm. God bless you, Mr. Jones.

  • Leona

    God bless that man. I hope he wins his case against the state. But no amount of money can replace the time he’s lost.

  • joe

    ARE YOU GUYS KIDDING ME? Do you not see what is going on here? 12 jurors, several witnesses and a judge heard this case and found him GUILTY beyond a reasonable doubt and it took 1 liberal judge to turn him loose. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

  • zeke

    Incorrect eyewitness testamony, false confessions and jail house informants are some of the leading reasons for wrongful imprisonment.

    • eldest child

      Your so correct…There is the fact his DNA was not at the site or on any I type again any of the items found at and or around the crime scene….huh interesting facts. FACTS you can not twist it this is why we know it is a fact duh

  • lori jones

    For all you haters i wish it was your son or father that spent 20 years in prison for something you didn’t you. You don’t know the facts so if you dont have anything good to say just shut up an let him enjoy his life…and pray you go to heaven cause sounds to me your already in hell…..get a life an stay out if ours

  • genevieve byington

    god bless god
    if they wouldn’t of let him out he would of been so mad.he better be happy ’cause he got out.JUST SAYING!!!!!!

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