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Senate Votes to Expand Access to Heroin Overdose ‘Antidote’

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Friends and family members of heroin users could soon be able to have a life-saving antidote to a heroin overdose on-hand at all times.

Friday the Ohio Senate approved House Bill 170 which allows doctors to write prescriptions for a drug called Naloxone to people other than the ones who will be taking the drug.

Naloxone quickly reverses the effect of a deadly heroin overdose.

**The Fox 8 I-Team this month compiled a series of reports on the area's heroin epidemic. CLICK HERE for those reports**

Doctors would be able to write a Naloxone prescription to "a family member, friend, or other individual who is in a position to assist an individual who is apparently experiencing or at risk of experiencing an opioid-related overdose," according to the bill.

"This is going to give us an opportunity to save lives. You just can't get someone into recovery who is dead," Rob Brandt said.

Brandt’s son, Robby, became addicted to opiates after having his wisdom teeth removed.

“The prescribing of prescription pills, and it migrated there to heroin addiction," Brandt said.

Robby graduated from Olmsted Falls High School and was set to deploy to Afghanistan, when East Cleveland police found him dead of a heroin overdose in 2011, six months after he started using.

"Most of these kids they're good kids. They just get caught up with something very powerful, very dangerous that they can't deal with," Brandt said.

H.B. 170 will also allow police officers and firefighters to carry Naloxone, if their departments choose to.

"Having lost someone to addiction to have another chance, to have another go at getting them clean, it's invaluable," Brandt said.

Proponents of the bill believe Governor John Kasich will sign it into law.


  • Jean M Fitch

    This is great to hear. My daughter took a class and i thank the lord everyday that she had it because she saved two lives. The unfornunate part was that the police thought she had it and was allowing it in her home WRONG. We suspected a family member was using. If you want to hear the entire story i am sure she would be glad to share it.

  • Michelle M. Fitch

    Yes dear, why would you get certified to get this medication if you knew that the police may get involed, and then you get arrested for saving two lives??? I’ll never understand!

  • Michelle M. Fitch

    Either not too many people have read this article, or they are too embarrassed to share their comments with us. We need to see some more Public Response regarding this matter, I know that if you have enough compassion to follow up on this article, or take your time watching the video, that there are issues in your life regarding this matter, and help is most likely needed, and right now I would like to be there to help you with any question that you have, even if you want to discuss them in private with me, you can send a friend request to me on Facebook, Michelle Fitch, and I will accept if you are only planning to be sincere! This is a huge problem that needs nipped in the butt really quick!! My Facebook picture, is of a orangish background with a heart shaped picture of coffee beans, that way you know you are in the right place, Good Luck and Godspeed!!

  • Micky

    When will we start getting rid of these addicts…
    What kind of idiot thinks a family member is using and does nothing but get ready for an overdose? Ever hear of “doing something about it?”

    So my tax dollars are out there saving those who have most likely not paid taxes in quite a while.

    Let the addicts die, spend the money on schools first and foremost.

    • Michelle M. Fitch

      You have just proved to the world that you do NOT care about human life, addiction is a disease, and as a matter of fact, one of the most highly educated careers that people choose in life manage to be the people that start giving out deadly medicine “A DOCTOR” , which is also highly addictive, I sure you don’t get really injured in an accident and on that kind of medication without any form of education, I know of a 19 yr old young man that received a script of opiates for “Brusing his elbow” and i’m sure the long term side effects were NOT explained to him…Where is your compassion, I sure can’t wait to have it happen to you, Then you may feel compassion, but with the comment I seen you post, I DOUBT it.

      • Micky

        What is going to happen to me…? I am going to bruise my elbow and start taking opiates? Stop typing while you are sobbing over your keyboard.

        This is may be a disease, but purely one of weak people.

        You wish bad things to happen to me, whereas I wish nothing on anyone, just to have people to accept their fate when choosing a broken path.

        I am compassionate, but only when it is warranted.

  • denny Johnson

    Senator Gayle Manning, working with police in Lorain County and the Lorain County Coroner got a test program started last year in Lorain County for Police, Fire, Rescue and others to carry and use Naloxone. At least 20 lives were saved and I’m not aware of any negatives with the study. It’s great to see the results taken seriously and the swift effort to expand the use of Naloxone statewide and to family members of those addicted to heroin products.

    My thanks to Senator Manning, Lorain Coroner Stephen B. Evans and Lorain Police Chief Cel Rivera for the hard work and dedication it took to get this project going. It’s sad that none of these people are acknowledged in the article. The statewide program would not have happened without the test program and the work of these civil servants.

  • steve

    Maybe the Feds should stop allowing it to come in from Afghanistan, and take a little more action against the REAL terrorists to our south.

    • Michelle M. Fitch

      I agree, we need to stop the source before it get’s started, but the public cannot do that, we do need the FEDS, but, we can save the lives as a result from this NIGHTMARE, thank you for adding this point in the matter!!

  • Michelle M. Fitch

    I am not sobbing over my friggin keyboard, nor will I ever be sobbing over this subject, I am angry over this subject, until maybe I am sobbing listening to your story in the mere future regarding this matter, even if I one day meet you at a support group talking about losing a loved one. You truly are not aware what is going on out there in the “Street” now a days, You will find out one day, from a friend of a friend of a friend that someone close to you has died over this matter, it is way too common, It has made it to Fox8 headlines. And to the State Legistature, Ignorance is all.

    • Micky

      No I will not hear about this, because I do not associate with junkies.
      I know this is happening, because people like you think we should save these junkies.
      Glad to see you have a waterproof keyboard.

      I am not ignorant, not like you at least, I am willing to break a few eggs to make a better omelet.

      Sorry you want to save everyone, we need to lose a few bad seeds to clean up the gene pool, thinking you should be sterile too.

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