River Levels Rising!

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Heavy snow cover melting, brief surge of warmer air, strong winds along with more than 1/2″ of rainfall will cause some flooding later Friday and Saturday. The river level rise has been slow because the snow melt has also be very slow. Temperatures made it above 50 but for only about 5 hours late last night.

snowcover_OHRiver level forecasts bring most main rivers above flood stage by late Friday. Here are the forecasts: MORE UPDATES ON MY WEATHER BLOG

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  • cactus

    I live in Valley VIew… like many people the live around the rivers (that may flood) or the airport (to much noise) get out.. dont cry because you lost your TV.. Or you rug in the basement. Should have been smart like my grandfather… Built your house up some so the flood waters dont reach it.. All my neighbors around my place will flood but not my place.. even when we had only 3 feet of water everwhere. Just a little smarts goes a long way…..Example people living by the airport that are upset because the noise at the airport… Let me advise you the Airport was there before you moved in.. GET OVER IT….

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