Rescued Snowy Owl Now Ready for Release

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Photo Credit: Lake Erie Nature & Science Center

BAY VILLAGE, OH — A Snowy Owl is ready to be released back into the wild after it was rescued from the basement of the Palace Theater in Lorain last month.

A resident found the bird when they were exploring water leaks in the building’s basement. The area has old access points and chutes that would have allowed the bird to get in, but not necessarily get out, of the building.

According to Amy LeMonds, director of wildlife at Lake Erie Nature and Science Center, the bird was extremely weak and emaciated, but there were no signs of trauma.

During its time at the Lake Erie Nature & Science Center, it was delivered much-needed nutrition and allowed time for healing and recovery.

The Snowy Owl will be released in the Lorain area where other Snowy Owls are frequently spotted and close to where it was found.

They will continue their migration to the Arctic.

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