Two Arrested After Early Morning Shooting

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CLEVELAND – Two people are arrested after a 16-year-old is shot in the leg early Sunday morning.

Police said they responded to E. 131 and Miles Ave. at 4:30 a.m. for the report of a person shot. When they arrived they found a 16-year-old man with a gunshot to the lower leg. He was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center for treatment.

The initial investigation shows the victim was shot at a different location and then ran to the E. 131 and Miles Ave.

At 6:30 a.m. police arrested two men in connection with the shooting.


    • John Smith

      Why is Fox 8 stalling on reporting about BLACK THUGS (code word for NNNNN-WORD) and other BLACK THUG crimes in the city? Are they concerned they might offend the native BLACK savages and they’ll burn down the city in retribution?

      • Deborah

        They are reporting it because they are the one’s who are commiting these crimes. And as far as the report of the Army vet who was attacked last week at puplic square, that was also by some black punks. One of them is a female who happened to record it on here phone. She was also arrested as well. Most likely beening charged with a hate crime as well as assult , robbery two name a few. They are looking for another person.. But why wasn’t the police don’t more? Ask them. The media will eventually get to it—sooner or later.

      • SoSueMe

        We all know why FOX8 doesn’t report it, das be afraid of profillin’. To your last sentence…we can only hope.

    • John Smith

      Why is the Army vet outrage being reported on Drudge from an Channel 19 report but Fox 8 (that Hometown News Station?) you get Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah!

      This story should be headline news every hour until those BLACK savages are hung at E9th and Euclid or in front of Olivet Institutional Baptist Church!

  • Shawn

    Why was a 16yr old out running the streets at 0430 in the morning, half of these crimes seem to involve more n more teens. The city should enforce a curfew.

  • yager10

    Why is everyone so shocked that a 16 year old was shot, at 430am, on E.131st and Miles?! I’ve spent enlighten time working in those neighborhoods and this is the norm. Under educated, impoverished, and they only have themselves to blame. Race hasn’t anything to do with it. Those neighborhoods are garbage…. Garbage in, garbage out.

  • John Smith

    Your comment is a outlandish insult to many poor people who live in impoverished parts of the city who don’t resort to acting like African-American BLACK savages! This is a product of the perverted BLACK subculture with its despicable, vile, insidious and disgusting lifestyle!

  • John Smith

    Where’s the Army vet follow-up? This story should be headline news every hour until those BLACK savages are hung at E9th and Euclid or in front of Olivet Institutional Baptist Church!

  • b.benny

    wow for the ppl to keep calling other ppl black savages is just so civil huh? looks great i bet if you are man or women enough to hate crime and whats going on step up go out there in these so called bad neighborhoods and do something about instead of calling names and speaking quietly voicing your opinions to other ppl who do anything about itjust like you monkey see monkey do i guess stop complaining and do something or your to scared or have an excuse. put up or shutup

    • John Smith

      How “civil” was the savage violence perpetrated by these BLACK savages? Any more excuses for these feral BLACK SAVAGES? What do you mean “so called” bad neighborhoods …… take a walk and don’t come back! I like your expression as quite apropos ….. “monkey see monkey do” ……..great choice of words for the jungle people!

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