Study: Facebook Can Pinpoint Moment You Fall in Love

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Facebook used the week of Valentine’s Day to conduct a new study about love.

In fact, the study says Facebook might know before its users the moment they fall in love.

According to Daily Mail, data scientists from Facebook analyzed posts between users in relationships. They found that in the 100 days before the day a user changes their relationship status, the number of posts made with their significant other spikes upward.

The posts peaked about 12 days before the beginning of the status change.

Then, the activity decreases.

The study also pinpointed cities where users are most likely to be in relationships. Those include Colorado Springs, El Paso, Louisville, Fort Worth and San Antonio, according to Daily Mail.

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  • unknown

    Can it pinpoint the idiots who think they are in love every two months or so with someone new? There’s no 100 days to it before they move on to their next prince charming or princess…lol

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