Mayor Proclaims Monday ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ Day

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Mayor Frank Jackson has proclaimed Monday ‘Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere Day’ in Cleveland.

R.A.K.E. was founded by local comedian and Clevelander Ricky Smith, who has traveled across the country and used social media to promote random acts of kindness that strangers shared with him along the way.

R.A.K.E. is meant to encourage people to do something nice for someone else. Just in the past few months, Smith has raked leaves and dressed up as a superhero to cheer up kids at the Cleveland Clinic.

Monday, Smith will spend 24 hours doing one random act of kindness each hour on the hour.

He’s encouraging others to do the same.

You can follow Smith’s acts of kindness on his Twitter page. You can share your story by using the hashtag #RAKE on Twitter, or by clicking here.

For more on R.A.K.E., click here.


  • Jujubean

    Teen ‘Craigslist Killer’ Admits to More Than 22 Murders because she was only killing the evil people. Now that’s a great act of kindness.

  • Turk Phaserloaf (@TurkPhaserloaf)

    That’ll do it! What a pointless gesture from a pointless man.

    Cleveland is a ghost town! It’s only gonna get worse. Knocking out people in day time in Public Square might not sound like a big deal, but that just forces dollars that would be spent Downtown by people with money (not homeless zombies and bused in criminals) further beyond the city limits.

    Cleveland is not a “major metropolis”. It’s a Zombie movie. And the Mayor is a bum!

  • CSW320

    The notecard pictured is mine….and I’m in Columbus, OH. People complain about the “bad” news all the time, the cold weather…just doing and showing something positive today, hoping that it will catch on!

  • Sunshine

    Please don’t give my name….my act of kindness was in Sandusky Ohio there’s a gas station that has someone come out to pump your gas while u sit in your nice worm car..Friday was cold after the young lady pumped my gas.i gave her a 10.00 tip and thanked her for pumping my gas and told her God bless…… other thing that I love when I’m picking up my meds I start off with hello young lady and end with thank you young lady and I always get a Big Smile and get told thank you I needed that you made my day…and I do this every day in someway or another I love the smiles….

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