A Look Back: Abused Animals Overcome the Unthinkable

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Forrest was rescued after being shot and left for dead in a local park

Forrest was rescued after being shot and left for dead in a local park

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Countless abused animals in Northeast Ohio have a new lease on life.

Many of those dogs have overcome the unthinkable.

Gina Lutes from Dogs Unlimited Rescue helped nurse an abused puppy, Beemer, back to health after the dog was found underweight and eating the walls for nourishment inside a home in Cleveland.

But Beemer has bounced back.

“Yes, he was adopted by an amazing family -- they are absolutely incredible and I think I get pictures every other day of him,” said Lutes.

Over the years, FOX 8 viewers have stepped up and rescued some abused animals that, at the time, seemed like they’d never recover, including Molly and her puppy.

“They found her puppy first and then, I heard, they found her chained to a tree behind a garage, and she was so emaciated and just beaten that they figured she couldn't take care of her puppy,” said Jessica Blaze, who is raising Molly.

Another dog is named Angel.

“Her name was Angel when we got her, and we kept it that -- because we figured she was an angel, she was lucky to be alive,” said Stephanie Speir, who’s raising the dog.

Angel had been shot with bird shot and was in terrible condition when she was found wandering the streets of Cleveland.

Today, these dogs are getting all the love they need, thanks to local animal rescue volunteers and animal lovers.

And starting Monday on FOX 8 News at Six, we’ll reconnect you with some of the beloved dogs that were in the news due to their ordeals.

But this time, they'll be on the air for very different reasons.

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