Woman Charged 9 Years After Not Returning JLo Movie

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Kayla Finley (Photo Credit: CNN)

Kayla Finley (Photo Credit: CNN)

Kayla Finley (Photo Credit: CNN)

Pickens, South Carolina (WHNS) — A Pickens woman has been arrested and charged after deputies said she didn’t return a Jennifer Lopez movie she rented in 2005.

Kayla Michelle Finley, 27, has been charged with failure to return a rented video cassette, according to the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office.

According to warrants, Finley rented “Monster-in-Law” from Dalton Video, which is no longer in business, in 2005 and the tape was not returned within 72 hours.

Finley was sent letters to return the video several times but never responded, according to the warrant.

A certified warrant was sent to the woman on Sept. 12, 2005.

Finley was arrested on Thursday after a record check showed the offense.

Warrants said the tape had a value of less than $1,000.


  • michelle Vega

    Wow how can you charge an adult for a crime committed while she was a juvenile. Sounds like someone needs an appeal. For the cops; you need to find a more productive to use tax payers money.

  • Katie

    She was not sentenced to 9 years. She was charged AFTER 9 years of not returning the movie. Read the article, people. It really isn’t that serious. Fox just wanted you to read the article so they made it sound ridiculous. This stuff happens all the time, it’s just not broadcasted because it’s not important. She probably got some fines and went on her way.

  • Sandy Money

    This is the sorry way this state has operated since it became a state. All of these small town magistrates are uneducated laypersons. No Judge in his right mind would sign a warrant for a late video. This is about right for a state with this mentality . And it will never get any better until Sc rewrites all of its laws and state constitution

  • Charlie

    theft is theft. regardless the bond was prolly 250 bucks. Next Morning or next 2-3 weeks if she bonded out when she went to see the judge what happened? a warrant is a warrant. arrest is a arrest. Police have to act on it! dont mean she was even taken to jail and charged does not mean convicted. show me a jury of her peers that would convict. i didnt know this is even criminal? civil case made criminal by adding 9 yrs on it how is that even possible? i dont like cops in general but this is a case where i would need to side with them.

  • Rick

    I once knew a man in the tool rental business. He told me that no matter what the contract said, as long as the person still had the item, they were still renting it. The police would never do anything to get his tools back, so he had to start charging huge deposits.

  • J. Koenig

    This is a sad, sad commentary of people who don’t understand how the law works in the US. I HOPE none of you people ever have to file a complaint or a police report for stolen property. Maybe the police or prosecutor will have to tell you; “Oh, that’s too insignificant a matter for us to bother with, sorry we can’t help you.”

  • joan

    How is this news? it took 9 years for her to be stopped by the police and the warrant to come to light. She will have to pay her court costs and a penalty. I am not thinking the warrant gave details on what the petty thief was..They arrested her and now she has to deal with it.

  • Sheryn

    If they do prosecute her she has a right to face her accusers so if they are not there they will have to dismiss it. Since the place is closed I am sure they will not show up at court.

  • BrIttany

    To Christina O.I never pay to stuff like this, but couldn’t resist. She shouldn’t have stolen the movie? Lol i seriously doubt she properly stoke the movie. I have actually forgotten to take movies back and lost them. I ended up having to pay for it, but for all we know she moved and therefore never got the letters reminding her of the minute or warrants. But to say she stole a movie and should be punish lol lol how black and white are you. and as for the company going out of business for people like her. .. Please. … they make a ton off people like me who always forget to turn them in and get charged ridiculous late fees. They went out of business due to redox, Netflix and other places Like that, just like every other movie store. Yea Christina she must have went and rented the video with the exact intention to STEAL it. What a little theif. And I do agree with Tom that the police are doing there job and have to serve the warrant which everything will probably get dropped after she pays the twenty dollars for the movie. Thank you, and have a wonderful day! !

  • Sean

    You guys kill me. Nine years for a misdemeanor? Do me a favor? Take 2014, the year we currently live in, and subtract 2005, the year the warrant was issued. For the mathematically impaired, that’s NINE YEARS. If you still don’t get it, she was arrested nine years after she rented the video. Not given nine years in prison.

  • mike r

    What kind of f##### g idiot still had video tapes on the shelves to rent…the whole world new dvd was here…no wonder they went out of business.

  • Andy

    If somethign does not belong to you then you are to return it so, if she is charged then so be it. And people please learn how to read!!! She was charged nine years after the movie was rented. The title does not say she is getting nine years in prison for the movie. Be honest in all things, thats waht your supposed to do anyway!!

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