Residents Shaken After Explosion Injures Neighbor

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HARTVILLE, Ohio -- One person was taken to a local hospital after an explosion in a garage in Hartville.

The Hartville Fire Department received several calls reporting the explosion behind a home on El Camino Circle N.E. near Route 619 at around 2:45 p.m.

"It was probably 2:45, 2:50 I heard an enormous explosion. I went outside and saw thick black smoke," said neighbor, Stacy Reich.

A man was inside the garage at the time of the explosion, but neighbors helped him get out.

"Couple of guys pulled him out, and he was kind of delirious and we took him to the hospital. Super nice guy. Actually, he's a carpenter and he did some work for me. Super nice guy," said neighbor, Pat Allen.

The victim was taken to an area hospital for treatment. His condition is not known.

Fire officials said the explosion could be heard for miles. Some residents said it knocked photos off their walls and shook their doors and windows.

Resident Matthew Barton said the explosion shook his house twice. He said it felt like "someone picked up our house and dropped it."

Barton recorded the following video of the explosion aftermath:

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For about an hour following the blast, smaller explosions continued to come from the garage. Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire quickly.

Officials said the cause of the explosion was not gas-related, and no other homes are in danger.

"It was a huge shock wave. I've never experienced anything like it," Reich said.


    • jodi

      Natalie, I have been praying for your Uncle since this occurred. I live on Smith Kramer and felt the explosion shake my house to the point that I thought it was collapsing. I left my house out of fear and uncertainty. I can’t imagine what it was like for your Uncle and his closer neighbors. I hope he is doing okay and will pray that he recovers quickly. Ignore those on hear that make assumptions out of their ignorance. God is with you and your family.

  • uzda14M!

    Carpenter? Did he use his garage as a wood shop? Saw dust is very explosive under the right (well, wrong) conditions. However, I doubt it’d do that to the garage. Then again,winter, air tight, no fresh air venting in…possible.

  • Danny

    The older gentleman that was injured in the explosion is a carpenter and one of the finest in the area. He just finished hard wood floors in my dining room and did a spectacular job. Pray for him and his family. I’ve been in his garage and it is a hard working mans garage with no funny business. Spare the family the undeserved rude comments.

  • Carrie

    He and his family are very nice people and my friends. I’m tired of hearing the negative accusations! There is a man is serious condition. Let’s show some compassion instead of stupid comments! Prays are more powerful! Move along you negative, rumor mill people!!

  • George

    The first explosion could be anything; such as a propane heater rupturing for some reason, or some gasoline cans going off at the same time. The following explosions could be aerosol cans going off from the heat. I’m very leery of buying a bunch of gas from Giant Eagle’s fuel perks and storing it in containers for that reason. If any fire breaks out, stored gas can be very destructive.

  • Barney

    Like a “tank round going off?” Please, that guy has no idea what a tank round sounds like. I would love to know which war(s) he fought in. And LOL at Vato Loco’s post, that’s just wrong. I wonder if the explosion caused her hairline to recede too?

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