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Police: Man Demands Pills in Robbery Attempt

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ALLIANCE, Ohio — The Alliance Police Department asked for the public’s help in identifying a man accused of an armed robbery attempt.

The Walgreens on South Union Avenue was targeted around 11:15 p.m. Tuesday.

The man showed a semi-automatic handgun at the pharmacy and demanded Oxycodone pills, the police said.

He heard the pharmacist calling the police department, got nervous and left.

Officers said the man was white, about 6’0″ tall with a thin build and had a well-trimmed mustache and beard.  He wore a stocking cap and gray hoodie at the time of the robbery attempt.

Tips may be phone in to 330-829-9140.


  • 4x4girl

    just sad that this Opiate/Herion epidemic is getting out of hand. Addicted people will do whatever it takes to get their fix and this is endangering the lives of the public and everyone in the mix of their messed up lives.

  • Jim

    I am suprised this does not happen more often – Because of the dangers of abuse, physicians are generally cutting back on writing for opiates. Pharmacies though have huge supplies – drug stores need to enhance security measures

    • 4x4girl

      I agree…not only is it scary to go inside a Bank anymore now its even scarier to go to your local drug store. And the fact that these criminals carry these type of weapons they do…that can freely walk inside a family drug store! Its a sad world we live in anymore ..just dont feel safe no matter where you go

  • Bill

    He had Obamacare and they left him hangin. Why dont you report real news like mayor Frank Jackson wants to take your guns away from you and send you to a FEMA camp.

  • Jason Burtz

    It was my wife (the pharmacis & 8 months pregnant with my son) that got robbed. He wanted narcotics and was willing to kill for them. My wife, Dr.Jennifer Burtz was not allowed to protect herself per Walgreens anti gun policy. My wife and I own a gun store here in Alliance (Burtzland Outfitters) and I am a concealed carry instructor. The bad guy had information on Walgreens and most likely this store specifically. I won’t go into detail as the investigation is still going on. Isn’t it ironic though how bad guys never seem to follow the law? Anti gun policies protect the evil. They do NOTHING to protect the innocent!

    Jason Burtz

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