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Lawmaker Wants Congressional Prayer Read in Schools

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(Courtesy: CNN/Jim Castel)

A Republican lawmaker in Alabama proposed a bill that would require each school day to begin with an opening prayer.

According to The Anniston Star, that prayer would be a verbatim reading of one of the congressional opening prayers said throughout the course of history.

The short lesson could also include other teachings about the procedures of Congress.

The bill’s backer explained the chosen prayer might be the one said the day after World War II was declared or the one chosen the day after Sept. 11.

He claims it would educate the students about history and civics, The Anniston star reported.

Critics say the lesson would be unconstitutional.

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  • Raven

    There are religious schools for those who want their God to be a part of their education. I don’t think that those in public schools should be forced to recite a prayer. Basically, keep religion out of public schools. End of story.

    • blt

      Oh, please. When prayer was in any schools, we did not have such a high crime rate among younger people. Just read what Marcia said and she is correct. We were always taught to fear the LORD first and pray without ceasing.

  • Marcia

    All I want to say is that when there was prayer in school there were no mass murdering, and killings in school….my opinion…..ijs

  • Audrey

    Our nation was formed— One Nation Under God! I believe he is still in control. If you or your child does not want to recite that pray, it is your choice for that to not to happen, but In God We Trust!.

    • Tina

      WRONG! That wasn’t added for many years!
      Our founding fathers were AGAINST religion in government (reference the Treaty of Tripoli)! Many were deists, so they didn’t worship your specific deity. They understood the importance of a secular government; that it is good for religions to have secular government, because one kind of religion isn’t preferred over the others.
      A religious government is a bad thing. Look at Iran. Keep prayers out of schools in an official capacity. Children have always been able to pray in school. That NEVER stopped!!! The only thing that stopped, was school officials pushing religious things onto the children.
      We’re a great big melting pot of beliefs. Keeping them out of the school officials hands is the wise thing to do.

  • Jenna

    A little prayer never hurt anything. There are very few things that truly offend me but I must say that this fear, yes i said fear, of God that so many of these people out there have is truly offensive. I pray for all of you misguided souls. And i pray for this country because it is those type of people that have ruined & will continue to ruin it

  • George

    30 or. 40 years ago and before that there was prayer in school when I went
    There were students from other countries they came to our school they said the prayer and the pledge when you come to this country you follow customs and that was a custom.
    You can’t cater to the few it’s to disruptive you can follow the program don’t come to school. Remember Ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country

  • doggercise

    There have always been school shootings.
    There were fewer, because fewer people wen to school.
    Oddly enough, many of the older school shootings were a male teacher shooting a female teacher, or shooting a student.
    when there was school prayer, the different christian denominations argued over which prayers to use. The Catholics created Catholic schools because they refused to pray in protestant-dominated schools.

  • Steven Abelt

    We need to deport all those against God in Government, school and everywhere these satin worshipers have forced their evil dead and wills on! We have had nothing but a fast paced raise in violence and an increase in evil law violators ever since they did this, ENOUGH!!!! You need to go!!!

  • Marie

    This country started the slope to hell when they took prayer out of schools…. What is wrong with a moment of silence in schools? Let everyone sit quite for a minute, giving those who choose to pray a chance and those who don’t a chance to clear their mind for the day… I don’t see the problem

  • Euclidian

    The Pledge of Allegiance was written in 1892. It wasn’t until 1954 that the words “under God” were added. I remember reciting the Pledge every morning in elementary school, but do not believe we ever said a prayer.

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