Dog Adopted After Losing Leg to Severe Cold

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MARION, Indiana — An Indiana dog left out in the cold lost his leg to frostbite.

But T-Peg, as he’s now known, got a loving new home.

According to Indianapolis FOX affiliate WXIN, the dog was found on the side of the road in Marion back in January.

T-Peg’s left leg was stuck to the ground and he had to have his front left leg amputated. His right front paw also suffered frostbite, but is showing signs of recovery.

When Ryan Ferrell heard about T-Peg’s story, he knew he wanted to adopt the dog.

Ferrell said it took some time for them to warm up to each other. Ferrell has set up a Facebook page where people can receive updates about T-Peg’s recovery.

*Read more from WXIN here.



  • Judy

    WOW what a lucky dog to have someone like you to take care of it. Shame on the people who originally owned the dog and left it outside. Common sense tells you that when the weather is bad animals should not be left out in the cold … they shouldn’t be left outside all the time no matter what the weather is … they are just like us … they need love and care. Kudos to you for taking the dog in and taking care of it … God Bless you for your kind heart … That dog will now see what love is really about.

  • Deborah

    My heart and a tear goes to this man who did what most may not have done. As far as the previous owner(s) I hope you can live with your self. How dare you!!!! This poor boy did NOT deserve to be treated like that! I am glad he is in a better home were he will be taken care of.

  • Joanne G

    They ought to chain his former owner outside for a night or two! How can people DO that to animals…..They are animals themselves.

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