Traffic Camera Program Gets Green Light to Go On

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CLEVELAND– The City of Cleveland is resuming its traffic camera program, three weeks after the city’s appeals process was ruled unconstitutional.

The city announced on Wednesday that the enforcement of traffic laws with red light and speed cameras is continuing just as it was before the ruling by the Eighth District Court of Appeals.

In January, the court sided with a Columbus man, who argued that the program was illegal because drivers who wanted to appeal had to go before a city hearing officer and not a municipal court judge, as required by law.

But, the Cleveland Law Department said it concluded that because of several technical issues in the man’s lawsuit, the program is constitutional and can continue.

Keep it to FOX 8 and for any new developments and CLICK HERE for more on traffic cameras.


  • Rodger

    We are the government, we say Obey the law.
    We are the government, we only follow the law when it suits our needs…

    Why are the courts?

    • Stay away from Cleveland

      Their authority is the same as Obama’s. If it’s a law they don’t like, then they ignore it.

    • Jackson

      Once you’ve received a “surprise” $200 ticket 3 weeks after attending an event in Cleveland, you’ll never come back. That’s the message Cleveland is sending visitors.

  • Shirley

    You mean the city of Cleveland found their money making scam to be constitutional after it was ruled unconstitutional so they continue to rake in cash? Sounds totally legit to me..

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