Portable Camera Units Moved in Cleveland

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CLEVELAND — Cleveland’s traffic-monitoring portable camera units have been moved.

They will be active at the following locations until March 3:

  • 4312 Lee Road
  • 4050 Block of Superior Avenue
  • Rocky River and Maplewood Avenue
  • 4067 W. 150th St.
  • St. Clair and East 124th Street
  • 16107 Waterloo
  • 11400 Block of Edgewater Drive
  • 5301 Lorain Ave.
  • 6793 Franklin Ave.
  • 4210 Payne Ave.
  • 2416 E. 55th St.
  • 9270 Denison Ave.
  • 17700 Block of Euclid Avenue
  • 3241 W. 65th St.
  • 2300 Clark Ave.


Cleveland has 49 fixed camera sites and 15 portable ones.


  • freedom lover

    Joe, these cameras dont do anything about thugs. In fact the thugs run the cameras and get the money stupid people mail to them. Spread the word people ticket cameras in ohio do not generate real tickets you do not have to pay them!

  • I miss rotary phones

    The camera on Denison sits right on a sidewalk, blocking the walk for use. That means that children and disabled people are being forced into traffic. It seems a steep price to pay for added municipal funds.

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