Ohio’s ‘Miracle House’: Claims of Healing Revealed

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Weeping statues, stigmata and unexplained cures.

Suzanne Stratford takes you back inside Northeast Ohio's 'House of Miracles' to hear from people who say their lives were saved after visiting the home in Canton.

Watch her report above and click here for extended coverage.


  • Yogi Sepich

    My mother told me about Rhoda years ago. It was exciting to see the news report about this. I was wondering if there is still anyone alive who witnessed the light that came thru the window when Jesus appeared to Rhoda?
    I have a great nephew who suffers from a vein malformation in his brain and my mother I very much want to bring to the house. My nephew is in junior high so I need to work around his going to school hours so could you tell me if we could visit on a Saturday or Sunday. Thank you for your time and sharing the story

  • Denise Stropki

    Please contact me at 440-305-3107. My friend who also has gifts from God and visions from Jesus would like to come with some ill friends and relatives to experience the gold chair. We are praying for healing to The Sacred Heart Of Jesus. We would appreciate this opportunity to spread his healing miracles! Thank you, Denise Stropki

  • Gail Riggs

    This house along with Cancer Center of America probably have a lower rate of healing people than Cleveland Clinic or University Hospital. I’ll bet your odds of winning the mega million are higher than getting cured here as well. I would love to find out exactly how many people HAVE been cured by going to this house or drinking the water. It is cruel to lead people on like this. The only way you are going to be healed is if it is NOT your time to go yet. Other than that not this house nor any other instrument will accomplish extending your life.

    • november1561*

      That is why they are called miracles; no medical teams are involved, something called FAITH is a major factor, and the cures unexplainable. Cures are not given with a guarantee and there is not a drive-through lane where you give your “order” and pick it up at the window. But, a negative attitude will, obviously, get you nothing but a negative response.

    • Tina

      YOU are so right! I hate these things, like this house. They need to prove their claim. I’d bet they cannot. People waste so much time, and energy, believing this stuff. Time and energy that could be better put towards going to the doctors, being with family & friends.

    • Zeke

      Crux sacra sit mihi lux / Non draco sit mihi duxVade retro satana / Numquam suade mihi vanaSunt mala quae libas / Ipse venena bibas!

  • Darlene Brennan

    The Divine Power of Jesus which causes the miracle
    healing, comes only after the human desire and action
    of Faith!
    Jesus is the same yesterday , today, and forever!

  • Jessica Patrick

    I visited that house a couple of days ago, and you can feel God there. If you don’t believe in miracles, you don’t believe in God. He has and always will be the same yesterday, today and forever. I am the Lord, I change not (Malachi 3:6). He is still healing. I go to Ernest Angley’s Grace Cathedral in Akron, Ohio. My grandma was healed of Gangrene, they were going to cut her leg off the following Monday. She had got prayer from one of the associate Pastors the Friday night before she was to go into the hospital to get it removed. She went the following Monday, and the doctor was amazed, the gangrene had all dried up and was falling off! Praise God. She kept her leg. The Miracle house, is only about 20 miles into Canton, from Akron where my church is. Thousands of people are getting healed through this Jesus ministry and through Rhoda’s home. If you don’t believe, just go and see. I promise you, you will be amazed. I am praying for you all, I may not know who you are and what your need is, but the Lord does. God bless You.

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